An Expert in their field

An Expert in their field

Imagine a business where the landlord client accesses a portal to check rent payments, repairs and lease details and leaves high level conversations for their property manager, ones that can deliver them expert advice that can actually improve their returns.

Imagine a business where the property manager is valued as highly as the sales agent.
The role predominantly working through call lists generated from the company CRM each day and centred around a high level of expert advice to the client.

The property manager would be responsible for;

  • ensuring each client has the appropriate finance, and that this is reassessed at least annually
  • that correct insurance is taken
  • properties are renovated when it is financially appropriate to boost a return or as a good method for tax reduction
  • advice on portfolio development/future purchases

This type of property manager ‘the prized unicorn’ does exist now in some businesses, and I believe this is the future for property management if we are to stay relevant.
The client wants more than what they are getting now. More expert advice, and something they can’t get from a google search. Our industry needs to take note.

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