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We are industry experts and thought leaders providing top-of-the-line offshore services to real estate agencies across Australia and New Zealand. We come together to bridge the gap between providing A⁺ service. We know how hard it can be to juggle priorities while trying to grow a real estate brand — we’ve been there! That’s where Universal Property Systems comes in, your real estate outsourcing solution.

Our Global Team

At the heart of our service is a global team of real estate experts committed to delivering exceptional results. Our professionals, hailing from diverse backgrounds, bring a world of perspectives to the table, ensuring that our strategies are as comprehensive as they are effective. We pride ourselves on a culture of collaboration and innovation, enabling us to stay ahead of market trends and provide unparalleled outsourcing solutions and support. It's more than just international presence; it's about a shared vision to excel and drive value for our clients worldwide through real estate outsourcing.

Warren Campion

Managing Director / CEO

Colin Rodgers

Head of Property Management Services

Renee Saisanas

Head of Sales Admin & Marketing Services

Grant Fanning

Head of Financial Services

Warren Campion, an accomplished real estate company management specialist, brings two decades of front-line management, coaching performance, and system thinking to his role as CEO. He has held leadership positions for international real estate training businesses since 1998 and previously worked as an international management consultant.

Get to know more about Warren:

Award-winning Real Estate professional, Colin Rodgers is an industry leader with over 26 years’ experience in Property Management. His firm focus on gaining great results through ongoing communication, sound advice, and a guiding hand is the driving force behind the UPS Global Property Management Team.
Receive assistance in property management, covering various tasks such as tenant screening, lease drafting, signing, and renewals for property owners. Additionally, our services extend to overseeing payments, ensuring compliance with regulations and taxes, as well as managing day-to-day repairs efficiently.

Get to know more about Colin:

A natural problem solver, Renee brings together our talented staff and matches them to our real estate clients’ needs. She manages the onboarding, mentoring and ongoing guidance of our staff from the recruitment phase through campaign delivery.

Get assistance with the entire new listing process, including purchasing marketing collateral, publishing properties on the web, managing social media, graphic design, and other time-consuming duties.

Get to know more about Renee:

Grant is a senior executive with real-world expertise in mergers and acquisitions, sales management, marketing, office administration, systems, and business turnarounds.

Minimize your fixed expenditures and back-office administration while increasing your growth prospects. With Grant’s assistance and the expertise of a Finance and Data Migration Virtual Assistant (VA) trained in your industry, your business will experience growth while minimizing the burden of managing invoices, creditors, rent receipts, sales trusts, and bookkeeping.

Get to know more about Grant:

T: 02 8555 0101
M: 0418 419 555
E: warren@upsystems.com.au

T: 02 8555 0103
M: 0449 903 206
E: colin@upsystems.com.au

T: 02 8555 0102
M: 0417 063 127
E: renee@upsystems.com.au

T: +61 2 8555 0112
M: +61 427 113 843
E: grant@upsystems.com.au

Aaron Barnes

Chief Technical Officer

Why Choose UPS?

Real Estate Outsourcing Solution

At Universal Property Systems, we offer real estate outsourcing solutions for Australia and New Zealand, aiming to be your company's long-time partner for your business success. We choose the right professionals in the Philippines to help you streamline in areas such as Property Management, Sales Admin and Marketing, Finance, and Lead Generation. What's more? We guarantee your level of return, allowing you to focus on core business goals. Your real estate outsourcing solution is here to help you.

Appointment Setter

Appointment Setter is an outsourced professional offshore. In charge of contacting prospective clients and arranging a meeting.

Property Management

Outsource your Property Management work with Universal Property Systems (UPS). We connect you with the best property management expert.

Sales Admin and Marketing

Free your Real Estate Agents’ time from start to finish of a new listing process, ordering marketing collateral, sending

Finance & Data Migration

Outsource your Property Management work with Universal Property Systems (UPS). We connect you with the best property management expert.

What do our clients say about us?

"Working with UPS has been really easy and streamlined, I only need to tell our team member to do things once, she is really proactive in her approach in getting stuff done. I'm enjoying the overall compliance that UPS brings to the business. It's a standard that we can monitor and see what's missing and what we need to improve."

David Mills & Sophie Reston

General Manager and Head of Property Management, McGrath

"Our team has been using UPS for around three years in our property management and accounting departments. During that time we've had a really positive experience with the entire team. They're always happy to help us and they've helped the team on the ground speak more regularly with landlords and tenants on the phone and be more compliant in our day-to-day work."

Samantha Macri

Head of Property Management, Stone

"As Console faces the challenges of COVID-19, one of our partners who has been with us through every step of the way has been Universal Property Systems. They did not miss a beat, they have been available to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week and that ongoing support has been super appreciated."

Fiona Davis

Chief Operation Officer, Console

"What we love about UPS is that you guys do all the training and mentoring of staff and that keeps the staff accountable. We get the best out of each and every employee and they turn out to be very skilled and very efficient."

Todd Brandon

Principal, McGrath

"My grandmother remembers when they invented the TV, I remember when they invented the internet, but I'll never forget when UPS came into our business and changed our world."

Anthony Theodore

Head of Property Management, McGrath

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