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Welcome to Jerry Robinson’s Law office

Founded by Steven Pfeiffer, Lesley Dingle and Gerald Harrison back in 1989, today their Houston-based law firm is currently the #1 in both yearly cases dealt with and the percentage of all those cases being won.

But that kind of success does not come by, just when you sit idly or do not have strict work ethic principles being put into practice…

We’ve Always Cherished the Three Pillars Which our Company has Always Stood Upon:

A Commitment to Excellence


A Passion for Justice

An urge for fair pricing

These three have proven to: Earn our clients’ trust with us; Build our reputation on a good soil: Attract thousands of individuals and businesses, all of whom (98%) have successfully dealt with their legal conundrums with our timely and diligent help…

We are the best in:

We develop a deep understanding of your company to optimise your brand equity and protect your core brand values Outsourcing is easy, cost-effective and free

Lawyers and Paralegals

Warren Campion
Warren Campion
Managing Director / CEO
An accomplished real estate business management professional with an impressive list of achievements, Warren Campion, brings two decades of front line management, coaching performance and
Sarah Sandas
Sarah Sandas
Customer Relations & Administration Services
A passionate and innovative professional with extensive experience in administration and customer support. Sarah is responsible for the coordination and planning of the daily operations
Colin Rodgers
Colin Rodgers
Head of Property Management Services
Award-winning Real Estate professional, Colin Rodgers is an industry leader with over 25 years’ experience in Property Management. His firm focus on gaining great results
Renee Saisanas
Renee Saisanas
Head of Sales & Marketing Services
A natural problem-solver, Renee brings together our talented staff and matches them to our real estate clients’ needs. Renee manages the onboarding, mentoring and ongoing


A percentage of individual cases that we take yearly, on average


A share of commercial/business cases that we process yearly


This is how many cases we end up winning, either civil or commercial

Are You a Senior at a Law School or a Post-graduate with at Least a Masters Degree in Law?

If either of the answers is yes, than we’ve got a job opening waiting for you to apply!

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