Redefining The Roles of Your Property Managers

31 Oct 2019

The two milestones in doing business are the moment you start it and the moment you find out why. The reasons why you continue your business give you the drive and capacity to give value to the lives of others.

The role of property managers is not to manage properties, but rather to manage the relationship with your clients to provide a greater customer experience, and probably nothing can be more fulfilling than helping people find a place they can call home.

Universal Property Systems envisions enriching lives and creating value for our clients through our co-managed service solutions which tap on property management, real estate sales and marketing, and finance. We are taking a big step in this revolution in business. Our industry moves forward in creating and developing ways and strategies to provide solutions focused on real estate businesses around Australia and New Zealand.

Our Tenancy Administration team can surely give your local team a greater capacity to act on the roles they perform best. With our 30-day training, our global team members are trained to:

  • Process rent reviews
  • Plot routine inspections
  • Process lease renewals

They are also skilled to make residential tenancy agreements for your local property managers and making sure all notices are sent to tenants via email. We are experts in different industry software such as Trading Reference Australia, 1Form, Agent Plus, Real Pro, REST, Console, PropertyMe, and PropertyTree. Our team members are trained and up to speed to customise themselves to fit into your office’s needs and values. We free up the time of your property managers, so they can focus on bigger roles that provide greater revenue for your business. Talk to us about what you want to achieve, and learn about what you could do more because Universal Property Systems can give you limitless solutions. Give us a call today on 1300 855 111!

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