5 Myths About Real Estate Outsourcing You Need to Stop Believing

Myths vs Facts
23 Nov 2022

5 Myths About Outsourcing You Need to Stop Believing

Misconceptions and negative stories about real estate outsourcing have been circulating in the news media over the years. The dispatch of the make beliefs brought fear to business people and made them hesitant on considering outsourcing.

But, when done right, outsourcing can be incredibly useful for growing your business and improving your bottom line. Outsourcing can make a drastic difference by increasing your business’s productivity, efficiency, and customer service. It can also be a great way to save your business money and time. Those are just a few of the many benefits of real estate outsourcing specifically. Just drop the myths and start believing the facts.

Here are five of the most common real estate outsourcing myths and a reveal of the facts behind them.

Outsourcing Myth #1 – Outsourcing makes your business fall off your hands.

common outsourcing myths

Fact: Outsourcing enables you to have better control over your business while the rest of the work is done flawlessly without taking authority from you.

First on the list is that many business owners think outsourcing will make them lose control of their businesses – definitely not true. Here at Universal Property System, you are still in charge of your business when outsourcing tasks to UPS Virtual Assistants. You assign a job to them and they will do the rest without having authority in your business.

By training your UPS VA, they finish the job well and that makes your business grow under control. You determine what and when tasks need to be accomplished which tightens your grip on your business. This myth is simply a result of misunderstanding how outsourcing works. Do not limit yourself from taking advantage of this valuable tool. 

Outsourcing Myth #2 – Outsourcing is merely a strategy to cut operational costs.

Outsourcing services

Fact: Outsourcing provides quality service and solutions from world-class talents without excessive training and labor cost, rewarding you with increased sales.

Cost-saving may be one reason why businesses outsource, but it is obviously not the only reason. It is evident nowadays that many companies outsource particular tasks or projects to save on operational costs because outsourcing helps to improve efficiency, productivity, and customer service. For example, by hiring UPS Virtual Assistants to handle administrative tasks, our clients can free up their employees to focus on more essential and valuable tasks. By working with a reputable outsourcing company like UPS, businesses can ensure that their customers get the best possible service from world-class talents rather than hiring in-house staff that requires more training and labor cost. This helps your business reduce operating costs and increase revenues. Would you still believe this is just a myth?


Outsourcing Myth #3 – Outsourcing guarantees a lack of product or service knowledge.

Outsourcing partner

Fact: An excellent outsourcing partner provides well-trained experts in their field – whether product or service.

Some still complain that outsourcing guarantees a lack of service or industry knowledge. Worry no more because Universal Property Systems is backed with experience and expertise, ensuring that your UPS Virtual Assistant has the assistance of team leaders who are on the ground and a team of Australian experts who are highly knowledgeable in their field.

They can provide you with helpful insights and perspectives for your business. In addition, UPS VAs are often more proactive than in-house staff in keeping up with industry changes and trends. This shows that outsourcing can lead to people being equipped with product or service knowledge, not less.


Outsourcing Myth #4 – Outsourcing will compromise your company’s privacy and security.

Hiring in outsourcing company

Fact: Whether hiring in-house or outsourcing, a business owner may experience poor service. Choose the right outsourcing partner that provides knowledgeable and well-trained talents.

Over the past few years, outsourcing has become increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes. While outsourcing was once synonymous with call centres, the landscape has changed dramatically in recent years.

Today, you can outsource a wide variety of tasks to highly skilled professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house employees. UPS Virtual Assistants, for example, can provide administrative support, while our results-driven Australian managers who are real estate experts can help businesses to achieve their growth goals. In short, outsourcing is no longer synonymous with low quality, but it is now a powerful tool for delivering high-quality results.

Now that we have debunked five of the most common misconceptions about outsourcing, we hope this leads you on considering outsourcing. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you. Our team of experts is ready and waiting to partner with you to create a stellar outsourcing solution that fits your business needs. Schedule your FREE business consultation today.

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