Top 10 Most Used Real Estate Software in Australia

Most used Real Estate Softwares in Australia
16 Feb 2023

Top 10 Most Used Real Estate Software in Australia

The property market in Australia is rising, and real estate agents must keep ahead of the competition by having access to cutting-edge technologies and tools. Fortunately, there is a variety of real estate software Australia, designed to help agents streamline their workflow and maximise efficiency. 

In this blog post, we will go through the top 10 most used real estate software in Australia so you can better understand what each has to offer and determine which would best suit your business needs. From automated marketing services to accounting solutions, these options provide invaluable support for Australian real estate professionals looking to succeed in today’s ever-evolving industry.

1. Campaigntrack


Take your property marketing to the next level with Campaigntrack, the go-to software for real estate agents in Australia. This innovative platform simplifies property marketing management, transforming even complex campaigns and product orders into a breeze. Campaigntrack empowers you to maximise your efforts and capitalise on every sales opportunity, all while saving you valuable time and resources.




Many Australians rely on to find their dream home and stay updated on the latest property news and market data. This platform aims to simplify the entire process, empowering Aussies at all stages of their property journey. Whether you’re just starting your search or a seasoned investor looking to expand into new areas, is a one-stop shop where people can connect and share interests in Australian property opportunities.

3. CoreLogic

CoreLogic is the go-to source for property data and analytics in Australia and New Zealand. Their independent expertise provides valuable insights to various industries, including banking, finance, and construction. This translates to better decision-making for you, whether you’re buying, selling, or investing in property.


4. Realtair


Realtair is a real estate software in Australia that allows you to customise proposals, sign digital contracts, and run listing campaigns all in one end-to-end workflow. Realtair helps agents do more with less and it can be an all-in-one tool, from proposal builders to auction platforms, with all your listings tracked on a single dashboard.

5. CampaignAgent


This software is the leading provider of Pay Now and Pay Later solutions for vendor-paid advertising. CampaignAgent is a platform laying the groundwork for homeowners, principals, agents, landlords, and tenants to pursue their ideal lifestyles. Their innovative funding solutions enable users to break past financial barriers that would otherwise prevent them from achieving success – all backed by top-tier technology partners who deliver nothing but best-in-class results.

6. Agent Box


Agentbox is the most widely used real estate software in Australia as it is powerfully efficient, has extensive integration with other applications, and demonstrates its commitment to clean data by providing an industry-leading data management solution. Agentbox provides a comprehensive cloud-based solution for Sales and Property Management teams, crafted through cutting-edge design and unparalleled real estate market knowledge. This combination has earned praise from top industry professionals – empowering them to perform at their best.

7. VaultRE


For powerful technology to fuel your real estate business, VaultRE is the leading solution. As a unique and fully integrated cloud and app-based system built from the ground up for this industry, it offers an all-encompassing sales & property management platform. This innovative software can recognise different statuses of both properties and contacts in order to provide tailored solutions across teams – making it easier than ever before.


8. LockedOn


LockedOn is the ultimate real estate software for agencies of all sizes, providing users with automated CRM and marketing capabilities. With features such as client management, property lifecycle tracking, trust accounting tools, and OFI check-ins, this powerful platform provides an end-to-end solution that incorporates every aspect of your agency workflow.

9. Realhub


A complete, accurate, efficient marketing platform can help your Real Estate agency skyrocket. Realhub amplifies the potential of professional agents by providing powerful tools that are fast-acting yet simple to use – including digital and print services Australia-wide – through a single unified hub for all of your campaigns and staff members.

10. Printforce


Established with decades of experience, Printforce is Australia’s leading provider of customised printing and marketing solutions for real estate. Boasting a national network across the country, their in-house production capability enables swift delivery to any corner within Australia. With such huge infrastructure support backing them up, you can be sure that quality products will arrive consistently at your doorstep. 


 All in all, this software and tools make the job of a real estate agent or property manager much easier. If you are in the business, it is worth looking into some of these options to see if they can help you streamline your workflow. In addition, all of the software and tools stated above are what Universal Property Systems and most real estate businesses in Australia and New Zealand use for their daily real estate tasks. 

 By utilising some or all of these tools, you will be able to work more efficiently while freeing up valuable time so that you can focus on other parts of running your business, such as developing new marketing strategies.

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