The Role of Virtual Assistants in Real Estate: How They Boost Productivity

How Real Estate VA helps your business
7 Aug 2023

Role of Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are revolutionising the way real estate does business. By outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants, your real estate agents can free up time and energy to focus on higher-value activities that increase business growth.

Real estate virtual assistant services consist of a wide range of duties such as property management, marketing, data entry, scheduling appointments, social media management, and more.

And we know their importance to your business. That is why we provide industry-based virtual assistants along with local team leaders to support and mentor them to be more adapted to your business process.

Adaptability to the software you use can be important to provide efficient services as well. Here’s why:

Enhanced Productivity: Real Estate virtual assistants can navigate through the systems swiftly, perform tasks efficiently, and deliver high-quality results in a shorter timeframe.

Reduced Learning Curve: This ensures that the outsourced staff can start working on projects effectively from the beginning, saving both time and resources.

Efficient Communication: When both parties use the same software tools, communication becomes more efficient.

At Universal Property Systems, we take pride in knowing a lot of real estate software so you don’t need to compromise. Whether you are using Airtable,, etc, our virtual assistants are equipped to adapt to your process ensuring your business grows at a very affordable cost.

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Outsourced virtual assistants are important for different reasons, such as reducing operating expenses and freeing up time to focus on bigger-picture objectives. By working with a virtual assistant, your agents can reduce costs associated with hiring additional staff and still be able to outsource important tasks quickly and efficiently. In addition, by leveraging the expertise of a virtual assistant they can focus their energy on client relations and other high-value activities that will bring more success in the long run.

Ready to build your team and outsource your first virtual assistant at Universal Property Systems? Contact us at 1300 855 111 or to discuss your unique requirements and explore how Universal Property Systems can tailor our services to meet your needs.

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