Case Studies

Case Studies

Helping Real Estate agencies grow one offshore staff at a time.

For years we've managed to not only remove hours spent on admin work from our clients but also improve on their efficiencies and expand their offices. Here are some of their success stories.

How our client halved the cost
of 93 hours of administration
work per week

They want to improve the efficiency of their Property Management and Sales division without disrupting client servicing. The ultimate goal is to free Property Managers from their lease applications and Sales Agents from the administration listing process so they can be more focused on income generating activities

Real Estate Offshoring:
The Answer to Location and Office Expansion

Thinking of offering your services to more locations and opening more offices? In 2years, our client has grown to selling 600 and more properties. Now they are lookinginto the commercial properties market and opening new offices. They've recentlyopened 2 new offices and is looking forward to expanding to another location.They've managed to grow this much without having to put on any more in-office staffthrough offshoring.

Real Estate Offshoring:
Sytematise and Automate
your Business

Building an entire system and work process for a new office can be stressful andtime-consuming. Getting an offshore partner to do everything for you is not onlyconvenient but also efficient. This is what we did for one of our clients.