We have a team of seven property managers from UPS doing lease renewals, rent reviews, accounts, lease preparation, filing electronically, strata notices and pretty much anything admin-based. They have really allowed us to work in a more efficient, task-based manner. It’s been a great benefit to our business to have UPS to work with and they really make the process easy. I would highly recommend using their services.
Pamela Styling

General Manager of Property Management, DiJones - May, 2020

Working with UPS has been really easy and streamlined, I only need to tell our team member to do things once, she is really proactive in her approach in getting stuff done.
I’m enjoying the overall compliance that UPS brings to the business. It’s a standard that we can monitor and see what’s missing and what we need to improve.
David Mills and Sophie Reston

General Manager and Head of Property Management, McGrath - June, 2020

Our team has been using UPS for around three years in our property management and accounting departments. During that time we’ve had a really positive experience with the entire team. They’re always happy to help us and they’ve helped the team on the ground speak more regularly with landlords and tenants on the phone and be more compliant in our day-to-day work.
Samantha Stone

Head of Property Management, Stone - May, 2020

As Console faces the challenges of COVID-19, One of our partners who has been with us through every step of the way has been Universal Property Systems. They did not miss a beat, they have been available to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week and that ongoing support has been super appreciated.
Fiona Davis

Chief Operating Officer, Console - April, 2020

What we love about UPS is that you guys do all the training and mentoring of staff and that keeps the staff accountable. We get the best out of each and every employee and they turn out to be very skilled and very efficient.
Todd Brandon

Principal, McGrath - 2019

My grandmother remembers when they invented the TV, I remember when they invented the internet, but I’ll never forget when UPS came into our business and changed our world.
Anthony Theodore

Head of Property Management, McGrath - 2019