I just signed up! What is next?
You’ll be asked to fill out a short form providing us with some basic details surrounding your requirements. We’ll review your response. If everything looks good we’ll immediately look through our database and job boards for a suitable candidate. All-in-all, it typically takes around 2 weeks for us to have a prime candidates who’ve passed our screening process.


What time do employees work?

We will  find a employee that is available to work during the shift your specify after signup. It is however easier to find a quality employee if you’re willing to have them work your night time (their daytime). Either way, many employee ’s are custom to working at night and the final working hours will be up to you.


Do employee be working on the weekend or holidays?

This is up to you, but your employee will need their national holidays off. A full list of dates will be provided to you.


How many hours can an employee to work?

Our Global team work normal Australian office hours. But could start any time day or night. We work with you to arrange the best time period to have your team the most effective. A normal day is counted as a 8 hour time lot with an hour for lunch and two 15 minute breaks.

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