Decision making is based on analysing existing and forecasted data. Often we find ourselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of data we need to interpret and analyse. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone create regular reports on the activities and performance of your Property Managers and Sales team?

Reports & Metrics Administrator

Here’s where our Reports & Metrics Administrators can come to your rescue. With them on your team, you will receive regular in-depth analyses of your current property portfolio. The Results report is completed to help you make strategic growth plans or identify any risks on the horizon. It serves as a CT scan of your business’ activities and will consistently provide accurate and timely information for better decision making.

Tasks & Responsibilities

Below is a list of standard reports your offshore staff can generate. With their knowledge and flexibility, you can add to this list as you see fit, customising it to perfectly suit the needs of your agency.

  • % of Rent increased on rent reviews
  • % of Rent increased on re-lets
  • Effectiveness of Application processing
  • % Routine inspections completed
  • % Smoke Alarm compliance
  • Arrears management effectiveness
  • Completion rate of repairs & maintenance
  • Accurate reporting of income generated per PM
  • Sales Appraisal to Listing and Sales Conversion rates

Get to know Rona Aguilar, one of our Results and Metrics Administrators, in the video below.

“Providing Daily, Weekly and Monthly GRAPHS and CHARTS is what I am good at. This allows you to easily and effectively understand the data of your business.” -Rona Aguilar
Financial Services Team Leader

To help monitor, train and guide your offshore staff we have Team Leaders on the floor ready to assist anyone, anytime. Team Leaders ensure that team members achieve their daily and monthly KPIs. They monitor your staff to ensure that they are using their time productively and meeting your deadlines. They serve as the bridge between you and your staff. They also act as back up when team members are on leave or are unable to work so you need not worry that tasks are left undone.

Reports & Metrics Administrators report to Rina Samia, our Financial Services Team Leader. With more than seven years of Accounting experience, Rina leads the team of Finance Administration with precision and efficiency. She is extremely organised and helps her team achieve their best and stay on track by setting up priorities at the start of each day and consistently following work instructions, These measures result in her team members’ exceeding our clients’ expectations. Learn more about Rina in the video below.

If you wish to overcome data overload and make better decisions based on accurate and timely reports, give us a call at 1300 855 111 or email us at