Industry Trained Global Team Members

Our global team members are provided with a 30-day training program with a highly experienced global management team before they come on board. During the training program, they must pass our Core Competency tests, which are directly related to positional requirements including software use, system and process knowledge and awareness of relevant legislation. Our training program aims to provide our clients with exceptional experience and service to enhance your brand reputation. Below is a summary of our 30-day training program.

Digitisation of the Real Estate industry is upon us. Going global is the way to go to remove the burden of non-dollar activities from your property managers and agents. Going global not only halves your administrative expenses, but it also allows you to better organise, systemise and automate your business processes. Going about it on your own by hiring virtual assistants with low to no real estate industry knowledge will take up a lot of your time. Here at Universal Property Systems we co-manage global teams with you. We hire experienced professionals and train them to best fit your needs and your organisation.

If you’re planning to take the leap and go global, give us a call at 1300 855 111 for an obligation free consultation.


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