Going Global

Why have a Global Team?

Efficiency is the key

Traditional Model

In the traditional model, a team of Property Managers are expected to have knowledge and skill across a range of functions including accounts, collections, reports, inspections, tenancy applications and orchestrating repairs & maintenance. Team members are ‘Jacks of all trades and Masters of none’. They flip from role to role and in doing so they lose momentum and focus, productivity and efficiency is lost. It is people-dependent in that the number of properties managed corresponds with the skill and motivation levels of the individual Property Manager. It means that each Property Manager can only manage a relatively small number of properties.

Your Global Team

A Property Manager becomes singularly focused on client service, relationship management and co-ordinating the activities of multiple specialist team members. Each member of the team is highly trained and skilled in specific functional areas, creating greater efficiency and proficiency. Employee engagement is high due to specialisation of skill and quantified working process. The team of managers have a small area of focus, allowing them to consistently achieve significantly higher capacity utilisation rates (number of properties under management for each dollar spent on Property Management salaries). The customer benefits from an enhanced relationship experience and the absence of a single team member does not mean a service interruption for the landlord and tenant.

Why work with us

We develop a deep understanding of your company and your brand to ensure optimisation of your brand equity and protection of the core brand values. We will assign a Project Team to ensure timely and co-ordinated roll-out, as well as clear job roles and responsibilities for each company and individual team member. We will jointly establish meaningful KPIs and Goals by which to measure delivery.

Fair & Affordable Fees

We have affordable and tailor made packages for your business needs. Keeping your end results in mind, we’re are focused on cost-effective but yet highly industry-trained staff to meet all your Real Estate and Property Management needs.

Projects Completed

Staff members


Properties Managed

Great business model for a sustained business, giving back to the community.


A sensational way we look at business, assisting higher returns and client satisfaction.


This allows us to focus time, resources and attention and care of our business.

Ray White

The day to day functions are taken care of by highly trained and skilled specialist.

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