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Let go of tedious tasks and create new value to your business, let your local team focus on creating better customer experience
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Co-managed Solution

We make sure that your team member maximises its full potential with the supervision of an experienced team leader who will be directly reporting to you about performance and process improvement
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Capacity & Efficiency

Our 12 Co-Managed Service Solutions tailored to suit your business are designed to drive capacity and efficiency
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Lowered Cost

Universal Property Systems offers more than reduced operational costs, we give you someone who is trained in real estate so they are ready to be embedded into your business

Welcome to Universal Property Systems

We are true Industry Experts and Thought Leaders in local Real Estate with decades of professional experience behind us. We come together to bridge the gap between providing A+ service and the time restraints of a busy Real Estate office. We know how hard it can be to juggle priorities while trying to grow a Real Estate brand – we’ve been there! That’s where Universal Property Systems comes in, your Global Systems Solutions.

Want to know how to lower your operational costs

and double your efficiency?

We make it possible with our Industry Trained Global Talents specialised for Real Estate Industry
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I’ll never forget when UPS came into our business and changed our world

Anthony Theodore – McGrath Bankstown

A sensational way we look at business, assisting higher returns and client satisfaction


We get the best out of every employee that has been managed by your company

Todd Brandon – McGrath Rockhampton

This allows us to focus time, resources and attention and care of our business

Ray White

Been in the industry for 15 years and UPS has been the biggest game changer I’ve seen come into the industry.

Joshua Kersten – McGrath Wollongong

In PM we are down 5 headcount, up in properties under management – critically enabled by your considered operation.

Cathie Crampton – Place Estate Agents

Highly professional but also very versatile in the way UPS has been able to tailor the package.

Steven McDonald – Smart Rentals Townsville

About us

Our vision is to enrich lives and create value through property services.

To achieve this, we provide high-performing outsourced teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences in real estate management at a reduced cost. This allows our clients more time to focus on revenue generating activities to further increase profits. Our global management team are thought leaders in both the real estate and outsourcing industries. Together they combine a bespoke mix of people, processes and technology to deliver a best in class solution to minimise risks and maximise returns for each of our clients.

Why Universal Property Systems is a Winning Move?

Best in Class Systems & Processes

Our real-time performance tracking software monitors every aspect of your outsourced staff solution. Best of all, it integrates seamlessly with the way you like to do business so none of your existing processes change.

Industry Leading Training

Your outsourced team will be expertly trained and supported by our highly experienced global management team. They provide training, coaching and performance management to ensure your customers receive an exceptional experience enhancing your brand’s reputation.

Co-Located, Office Based Workforce

Your remote workforce is co-located in the same office with adequate support from an experienced team leader. Transparency and trust are at the forefront of our focus providing you with professionalism throughout the outsourcing process.

Real Estate Specialists

We create a genuinely new value proposition for real estate agencies. Not only do we help you save money on tedious property management tasks, we also free up valuable time for your revenue generating sales staff to secure more deals.

We Have a Range of Services To Meet Your Needs:

Specialised Co-Managed Positions

Positions Filled

Benefits of Universal Property Systems

Watch Warren Campion and Colin Rogders  as they talk about how Universal Property Systems can drive efficiency and capacity within your local office.