Real Estate Offshoring Services

Real Estate Offshoring
Services to the Philippines

Universal Property Systems is an Australian
offshoring company providing all-around
Real Estate offshore business solutions
with industry-trained Filipino staff.

The Offshoring Advantage

Offshoring is the practice of moving repetitive
and time-consuming administrative tasks to
other parts of the globe.

Moving administrative tasks offshore comes with
a lot of benefits. With the right offshoring partner,
going global will allow you to scale up, remain
competitive and improve your service offerings.

What Tasks Can you Offshore?

Campaign Coordination,
Sales Administration,
Social Media Management,
and Graphic Design Support

Leasing, Tenancy, and
Repairs & Maintenance
Administrative Assistance

Property Management Trust,
Sales Trust, General Account,
Reporting & Metrics,
and Data Migration

"UPS was the greatest find for us. From our point of view, It's
a cost-saving exercise. There's an individual person caring for
our account. We're spoiled! They do all of our administrative
work for us including writing writing letters, doing leases,
processing vacatings, and putting ads out on the internet.
UPS go way beyond our expectations."

The UPS Advantage

Operated by Australians with years of
Real Estate and Business Experience.

We train, manage and monitor your
global team with you.

Our cloud-based workflow system is
especially designed to track real estate
admin tasks in real time so you can monitor
the productivity of your staff any time.

Headed by Team Leaders and Department
Heads, our 30-day onboarding training encompasses real estate basics, workflow familiarisation, software introduction and more.

Build your offshore team now!

The future is global, the future is UPS