How it works

How We Work

We align ourselves with your business and your brand to deliver guaranteed growth on an economy of scale model. Here’s how it works:

Imagine saving 70% on your admin staffing costs and having time to make the most of your workday, focusing on those important tasks that bring profit.   Universal Property Services and our Global Assistants give you flexibility over your career, bringing balance to all areas of your life.   We will deliver an end to end property management solution using our team of experienced professionals to find, hire and manage a Global Assistant for you.   To make it easy and to support you at every point, we follow a simple step-by-step process.   So, let’s get started!

STEP ONE: Define your needs for a Global Assistant

The initial priority is to identify the skillset you are looking for in your Global Assistant.  This will help us shortlist the best candidates for your business.  We understand that every business is unique, so we will organise to catch up with you either in person or over the phone to discuss:
  • Your business needs and challenges
  • Your unique brand
  • How your team currently functions
  • The type of role and responsibilities you envisage the Global Assistant will take on
  • The level of experience and education required
  • The number of hours required

Once the position has been defined, we will then find suitable candidates that best match your needs.


STEP TWO: Hire a Global Assistant and get started

UPS will ensure your Global Assistant is trained and job ready so they can start working with you ASAP. In addition, you and your new assistant will be given access to our IT program, to facilitate communication between both of you. This system provides an efficient and proficient working process that allows for integrated communication, real-time reporting, visible time sheets and monitoring mechanisms.


STEP THREE: Support you and your Global Assistant

So your perfect candidate has been hired and the appropriate processes and systems have been put into place.  UPS property management services’ does not end there.   Our team will support you and your Global Assistant with anything that is required to make your job(s) easier or any challenges you may face.  Please contact us, we are here to support and help you along this journey.


How can Universal Property Services help you?

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