Tip #1: Set-up a standard communication system.

Your onshore and offshore team should be using the same communication tools. Everyone should know whether to use email or chat as a first line of communication. Depending on the type of work to be done, inform offshore staff whether they should expect a call, video call, or a video conference. We have implemented communication best-practices at Universal Property Systems. We commonly use email, Skype, Trello, Bria and Zoom to connect with our remote global team.

Tip #2: Make them feel that they’re part of the team.

Make sure to include your offshore staff in company activities and keep them informed about company announcements and plans. It’s important that they know that you value them and their career growth. You’ll be surprised at how much more they will willingly give to the company when they feel appreciated.

Here at Universal Property Systems we celebrate our global team’s accomplishments. We share positive client feedback to inspire our team to bring their best all the time. We also hold theme nights and team-building events to reward our team for their efforts.

Tip #3: Regularly check-in on your team & respond to their needs.

Determine how often you have to check-in on your offsite team – daily, weekly, or monthly? Ask for project status updates and respond to any of their concerns or suggestions in a timely manner. Make them feel that they are free to speak out their opinions and that their voices are heard.

We have experienced team leaders on the ground here at Universal Property Systems, ready to assist you in monitoring and guiding your offshore team. You can schedule video calls or video conferences to make project status updates. Our communication lines are always open.

Tip #4: Utilise your team leaders

Your team leaders can act as the bridge between you and your team members should you need extra help. Make sure that the Team Leaders are familiar with the roles of each member of your team so that they can guide and supervise them on a daily basis.

Daily monitoring of productivity is easy with the help of our global team leaders. We are proud to be working with experienced team leaders with years of industry experience behind them. They’ll make sure that deadlines and quality standards are met.

Tip #5: Be mindful of timezone differences.

Your offshore team may not share your timezone. Make sure to inform them in advance of meetings and deadlines set in your timezone. Be mindful of how and when you reach out to them, within and beyond, their work hours.

Our Global team work normal Australian office hours but could start any time of the day or night should you require it under special circumstances. We work with you to arrange the best time period to make your team the most effective. A normal day is counted as an 8-hour time lot with an hour for lunch and two 15-minute breaks.

Tip #6: Prioritise training of new offshore hires

Make sure that your offshore staff understand the process and the way you want things to be done. It’s essential that you set up online training sessions or provide a video training guide to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Universal Property Systems provides a 30 day training program to its team members within a position before they go on board with our clients.

During the training program the team member must pass our Core Competency tests which are directly related to the positional requirements including software use, system and process knowledge and awareness of relevant legislation.

Your offshore team will be expertly trained and supported by our highly experienced global management team to ensure your customers receive an exceptional experience, enhancing your brand’s reputation.

Tip #7: Set clear expectations.

To minimise careless mistakes, be sure to clearly define roles, responsibilities, and priorities. Set specific dates and deadlines to give your team a senses of direction.

“Globalisation of the workforce is the key to your business’s future. The opportunity exists to extend your workforce and align your operations for today and tomorrow’s technology.”
– Colin Rodgers, Head of Property Management Services, Universal Property Systems

If you’re considering offshoring your real estate’s property management administration services,

call 1300 855 111 or email colin@upsystems.com.au

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