The world as we know it has shifted to an era of new normal, with social distancing and lockdowns limiting our face to face human interactions. Businesses have moved to and strengthened their digital and online platforms, tools, and applications as a means of adapting to the change brought about by the pandemic. The same is true with Real Estate.

Some real estate companies found offshoring parts of their business processes lessened their stress and operational cost in the midst of the crisis.  The move has helped keep customers happy with continuity of fast and efficient service.

Whether you moved offshore or not, here are 8 must have real estate remote working tools and apps that will help you run your business from anywhere, whether at a desk or on your mobile device. 

  1. ConsoleConsole is a cloud-based property management system. It offers real estate software solutions in property management, sales management, accounting, and customer relationship management. For more than 25 years, they have served more than 4,000 large agencies across Australia and New Zealand.
  2. Property Tree – Property tree is another cloud-based Australian property management software designed to make the property management process simpler and faster. With multiple trust accounts, sales, residential and commercial modules, it guarantees to cater to agencies of any size. Their automated workflows, tasks, transactions and communications allow you to save time and effort. Their transparent system allows you to provide owners and tenants with personalised information. The data and insights you can derive from their dashboards can be useful when making business decisions. And with more than 40 years of business experience you can rest assured that your data is safe from theft or loss.
  3. Agentbox – Agentbox is one of the leading Real Estate CRM softwares in Australia. It’s a proven comprehensive agency management solution, saving agents hours of work every week and increasing agency efficiency. The speed, depth, and user-friendly interface of the program is unparalleled. Their industry leading data management solution allows for a smooth data transition from one system to another. It also has an accompanying app that provides diary reminders and listing information. It helps agents track calls, facilitate better open for inspections, and offer performance snapshots.
  4. Campaign Track -Campaign Track is an all-in-one real estate digital marketing platform  that streamlines marketing activities in an efficient and user-friendly manner. From social media tiles and property websites to brochures and signage, you can do it all with the help of this powerful system.
  5. Realm – Continue to service your rent roll effectively with remote self-inspections. Realm offers their new Rental Property Self-Inspection app that supports social distancing while facilitating normal business functions. The Rental Property Self-Inspection app uses innovative AI technology to facilitate tenants performing remote inspections, with a full report automatically delivered to the property manager for further analysis.
  6. FLK IT OVER – Enhance your productivity and efficiency throughout the Covid-19 crisis and beyond, with electronic signing of leases. FLK IT OVER is a software that helps real estate companies conduct lease agreements remotely, from preparing documents, getting them out to the tenants and doing follow up.  The FLK IT OVER system ensures tenants read the lease agreement in its entirety, confirm their name, the rental amount, lease term and accept the T&Cs. This process has been designed to make the lease legally binding and watertight so you can be confident that it will hold up in a tribunal hearing, should it be needed. The user-friendly design of the app will also lessen the workload of your agents and verifies tenants’ understanding about what they are signing.
  7. 1300 Smoke Alarms – 1300 Smoke Alarms streamlines your annual compliance process and takes care of your repairs. It provides Smoke Alarm Annual Servicing, repair of smoke alarms, installation of new alarms, Safety Switch Inspections and Corded Window Inspections. They currently service clients in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory.
  8. Trello – Trello is an application for task and project management. It organises your tasks into boards so you can see who’s working on each task and it’s current status. Revision, follow up, and approval can be done easily and everyone involved with the task will be notified of changes.

Switching to more automated and accessible processes via these software choices is a good business move, not only in the current climate, but also as we move forward. 

Universal Property Systems has partnered with these innovative software platforms to help you push your real estate business to the next level. If you wish to learn more, please call 1300 855 111 or email


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50 Must Have Remote Working Tools and Apps

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