While it may be tempting to simply opt for the lowest price when you are shopping around for an offshore service provider, we recommend that you dig deeper and find out exactly what it is that you are paying for. Take your time and do your due diligence. Be certain that the service you receive is good value for money.

We find that many real estate businesses that are interested in commencing offshoring have not yet discovered that there are in fact four levels of offshore providers available in the Australian and NZ marketplace. And the adage ‘you get what pay for’ has never been more true – choosing your offshore provider based on price alone can be disastrous.

The Four Levels of Offshore Providers

Level 1 – Online BPO with Home Service Labour (Entry level)

The person usually works from home. The person is usually quite competent and works out of their home without or with minimal infrastructure around them. You will need to do all the training and the monthly fee will vary.

Level 2 – BPO or Offshore provider

This is a labour-hire business that provides staff and the employment infrastructure and the various government approvals that are required to operate. They usually operate out of office premises and the person sits in a common area. You will be required to train and manage them and work out tasks to be completed.

Level 3 – Industry specific provider

This is similar to level 2 with the added advantage of having an industry-specific help desk that will give you guidance, some templates to use. You will be required to manage, train and structure their day.

Level 4 – Industry Specific – Co-managed

Co-managed is an add on to level 3 but this time the person is managed by you and the offshore provider to make sure they are productive and meeting your expectations.

The UPS Added Benefits

On top of level 4 UPS works with you the client to create work instructions to deliver the services that are required, the same way every time. This is important not only for the consistent delivery of service but in the lead time to train someone to get them up to speed.

The overriding point is that in Levels 1 to 4 the talent is provided and then you have to figure out how to make it work and breathe life into the role. UPS is a cut above, we are a silent partner working with you to get it right and keep it right. We can take all the stress and guesswork out of offshoring and implement it so it runs seamlessly for you.

The Insider Secret: Save $20,000 a year

Whilst Levels 1,2 and 3 are generally cheaper in a monthly fee. There are quite a number of hidden or invisible fees that are often forgotten when comparing the price that offshore providers charge.

The reality is that they should be factored in to enable any objective comparison.

These include:

  • Training: The invisible cost of your staff training the person
  • Monitoring: The invisible cost of you monitoring the output of the person
  • Reporting: The cost of monitoring the activity so that you can create capacity and output reports
  • Travel: The cost of visiting the person on an annual basis
  • Replacement: The cost of replacing the person when they leave
  • SIL and Offset days: These are paid out at the end of the year as a bonus to the employee

A conservative estimate of these invisible costs is around $20,000 per year. These invisible costs can be saved with UPS.

To help you determine which level of offshore provider you need to optimise your agency, here’s a list of key questions to ask your offshore provider before you embark on your global journey.

If you wish to take advantage of our industry-specific offshore services, feel free to call 1300 855 111 for an obligation free chat or email us at info@upsystems.com.au.