It’s springtime! Perhaps the busiest season for the property market, we’re anticipating more listings, more auctions and more sales. Is your admin ready for this bulk of work?

Universal Property Systems can give you a hand! Let your property managers and sales agents focus on your clients while we handle your back end. We can save you thousands of hours of administrative work and decrease your administrative costs every month.

Here’s how we can help you get your admin in order for the spring selling season :

  1. Database Clean up

Retaining data that is incorrect, incomplete, or out-of-date is common within the real estate industry
due to the high volume of data we manually enter and the fast-paced nature of the industry. This ‘dirty’
data results in diminished customer service and wasted HR resources and marketing spends. We can supply a wide range of data management services, including:

• Gathering Buyer and Seller Information
• Property Sales Records Data Entry
• Real Estate Data Processing and Management Services
• Real Estate Data Extraction
• Commercial Valuation Details Data Entry
• Non-commercial Valuation Details Data Entry
• Property Documentation
• Hard Copies Data Entry
• Property Online/Offline Data Entry
• Data Migration
• Data Cleansing
• Web Data Mining

  1. Workflow and Reporting Review

Workflows are there to guide our global team to do your tasks the way you want them to. You can add, remove and revise the steps in each task to maximise efficiency. If you would like to review your workflows and reporting just book a call with our heads of departments and they’ll help you.

  1. Marketing Push through Digital Advertising

With a bulk of properties going on sale and fierce competition from the multitude of agencies competing for the attention of buyers and sellers alike, how can you stand out from the rest? Digital marketing works wonders in pushing properties to your target audience. Our global sales and marketing team can help build your brand image through eye-catching property posts and digital ads on google and social media pages. They can also take care of your SEO, website ranking and email marketing.

  1. Property Management Support

The ongoing performance of your business, including the management of rent reviews, routine inspections and lease renewals, requires highly-experienced staff who understand the business. The UPS Tenancy Administration team can handle all of these tasks on behalf of your business and complete them with attention to detail and efficiency. Getting an efficient team to cover the processing of tenant applications, management of Inspect Real Estate accounts and 1-14 day arrears will allow you to save time and resources. Our dedicated team of lease administrators can lend you a hand.

  1. Financial Services Assistance

Offshore your day-to-day accounting and administration. Our business finance administrators are qualified accountants that will take care of your bookkeeping along with tracking sales, generating reports and analyses to support your business. Get an in-depth analysis of your current property portfolio through results reporting. Our Results Administrators will help you make strategic growth plans, identify any risks on the horizon and get you reliable data to make effective business decisions. We can also help you increase the speed and efficiency of your sales trust process. Our administrators get all the paperwork in order and deal with vendors’ solicitors on your teams’ behalf, saving time on phone calls and follow up. Get a clean property transaction every time with no hold-ups.

Buckle-up and strengthen your admin team through the hustle and bustle of the spring season with the help of our industry-trained global team. Our team uses customised agency-specific workflows, that are matched against time-stamped KPIs, to provide unrivalled efficiency and excellence in customer service.

If you want to learn more, give us a call on 1300 855 111 or email us at

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