Want to free up your team from doing day-to-day invoice processing?  Our team of Finance Administrators at Universal Property Systems can help you halve your processing costs without compromising the quality of output. In some cases, you can even reduce processing costs by up to 75%.

Our calculations show that the average rent roll has 10 invoices per property per year. This means for a rent roll of 800 there are about 1900 invoices a month. These are just Property Management trust account invoices.

If you have a person onshore processing these invoices at a salary of around $70,000 p.a. then it is costing you about $3.07 per processed invoice.

UPS can reduce this cost by almost 60%! To about $1.31 an invoice. That is a worthwhile saving!

One business owner was lamenting that he was paying a bookkeeper $120,000 p.a. to process trust account invoices. That is a transaction cost of an extraordinary $5.30 per invoice. Our global finance team are highly experienced and can take care of your finance tasks with great efficiency and at a greatly reduced cost. 

Here’s a list of things you can have an offshore team member process:

  • Council Rates
  • Water Rates
  • Strata Levies
  • Trades invoices
  • Insurance invoices

Get to know Christenelle, one of our Finance Administrators by watching the video below.


From balancing accounts to calculating the monthly rental statements for owners, our administrators can do it all. They’ll also follow up with tenants in arrears and maintain a clear and transparent account record for all parties. Keep on top of property management accounts so everyone knows where they stand.

If you’re planning to take the leap and go global, give us a call at 1300 855 111 for an obligation free consultation or email us.