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Real Estate Offshoring Hurdles & How to Overcome them

No challenge, No growth

For decades companies have benefited from the cost-saving advantage of offshoring. But no business feat comes without challenges. There is no secret recipe or formula to success but here’s a list of hurdles you might face while outsourcing and how you can handle them.

Challenge #1 : Project Control & Decision Making

Confusion between who has the authority to make decisions over projects may arise when clear project directions aren’t provided.

How to handle it

At the beginning of each project, it should be clear to both the company and the offshore team, who has the right to make decisions over projects. Let the offshore team know if there are certain parts of the project that they can approve on their own. If not, it should be clear who they should come to for approvals.

Challenge #2 : Unclear Project Directions

Unclear project directions lead to misguided remote employees. They are unable to deliver what is asked of them, which can lead to disappointed and disgruntled employees and clients.

How to handle it

Make sure you provide clear and detailed project guidelines to your global team. Keep your communication lines open for questions and clarification. Monitor their progress to ensure that no mistakes are made along the way.

Challenge #3 : Unrealistic Expectations

Don’t be surprised and disappointed when deadlines aren’t met if you set unrealistic project completion times.

How to handle it

Take into consideration the length of time needed to complete projects. Ask yourself the following – does this need a lot of research? how many team members should be involved to finish this project on time? can they handle this project along with their other tasks and responsibilities?

Challenge #4 : Cultural Concerns

When you outsource, you are faced with two types of cultural differences – corporate and country-specific. You may not share the same vision, same work ethic, or same manner of communication.

How to handle it

Choose an offshore provider that shares a similar corporate culture and choose an offshore location that matches your country’s culture. Inform onshore and offshore staff of the culture and norm you want to set in the office like how to address each other or how to handle misunderstandings.

If you find your Agents and Property Managers spending more and more time on the office than in the field building client relationships, consider moving their admin tasks to the Philippines.

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