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Real Estate Offshoring: The BPO Advantage

The Real Estate Offshoring Challenge

You may be thinking, why can’t I just go to the Philippines, establish my own team and do it all myself? Or why can’t I just look for freelance virtual assistants online?

It may look easy but the rules and regulations that govern Philippine real estate and labour greatly differs with Australia.

Bridging the Gap between Australian and Philippine Real Estate

If you want to offshore on your own. You have to understand the difference in the way the Philippines does Real Estate. In the Philippines, tenants pay directly to landlords at a predetermined date. The
guiding policies and government legislation are not as tight as they are in Australia.

You have to train your global team to also, understand this difference. You have to teach them the ropes of Australian real estate from renting and buying property, key players, jargons, tenant management, and many others. This will eat a lot of your time which can otherwise be used productively.

We, as your offshore provider, have the knowledge and experience to do this for you with ease. Prior to onboarding, our 30-day intensive industry-specific training ensures that your global team is well equipped with knowledge of the Australian real estate market.

Finding and Managing Global Talents

Another challenge is hiring the right team and managing them. If you do this on your own, you may find yourself drowning in human resource concerns from both your onshore and offshore teams.

The value of offshore providers is making sure that full-time experienced and qualified talents join your team. We’ll handle it all from role-specific skill tests, background checks, and screening. We provide continuous training and education to our team to keep them up to date to any real estate or industry

Our 30-day comprehensive training process covers workflow familiarization, software introduction and real estate must-knows. They shadow experienced team members and are required to pass our core competency test prior to onboarding with you. 

Our Philippine office is located at the heart of Angeles, a vibrant business area populated with college graduate professionals. Finding a suitable talent will surely not be a problem.

Creating Workflows

Determining what needs to be done and how things should be executed is a huge part of offshoring. UPS has standard workflows set for each position. All you need to do is to customise their tasks and responsibilities to fit your agencies needs. 

Setting up IT and Security Needs

More often than not, your visual assistants may not have the software and IT requirements you need to fulfill the job you want to be done. It’s also hard to ensure that confidential business information is stored properly.

At UPS, we’ll set up all your IT and security needs and Install all software required for your team to accomplish their daily tasks. Our security measures provide a higher level of security than virtually any Real Estate office in Australia so trust and believe that we take your data protection seriously.

Performance and Productivity Management

Though there are free applications online that allow you to track your team’s productivity, we have developed a special cloud-based system specifically made for the real estate industry. It tracks the day-to-day, minute-by-minute activity of your team members. With detailed workflows outlined in the system, you can be sure that work is done at the standard you set for your business. When your team member is away, others on the team can easy cover their tasks guided by their team leaders and our workflow system. 

To help you with daily monitoring, you can always count on our team leaders. They’re there to train and guide your team to make sure that tasks are done right and on time. Each week they’ll send productivity reports so your up-to-date on your team’s weekly accomplishments.

What tasks can you offshore?

Free your Real Estate Agents from sending properties live on the web, OFI bookings, social media management, graphic design, and other time-consuming tasks.

Free your Property Managers from leasing, tenancy, and repairs & maintenance administrative tasks with our offshore team.

Free your office from processing countless invoices, creditor runs, rent receipting, sales trust and bookkeeping with industry trained offshore finance staff.

The UPS Advantage

Universal Property Systems offers seamless and hassle-free offshoring services to Real Estate agencies in Australia and New Zealand. Run by licensed Real Estate professionals, you can rest assured that our services won’t just be a band-aid solution to your problems but rather a long-term function for the growth and stability of your business.

Managing and monitoring your offshore team can be a tough challenge. But with UPS’s Cloud base workflow system you can easily get a snapshot of your team’s capacity and efficiency. Learn more about our workflow system and how it helps our global team by watching this video.

Our global team members are provided with a 30-day training program with a highly experienced global management team before they come on board. During the training program, they must pass our Core Competency tests, which are directly related to position requirements including software use, system and process knowledge and awareness of relevant legislation. Our training program aims to provide our clients with exceptional experience and service to enhance your brand reputation. Read more about it here.

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