One of the biggest challenges in offshoring services is managing workflow so that your team are able to perform at their full capacity and reach their potential. In order to do this effectively, you need to be able to monitor the work that your team are doing so that you can strive to continually improve your output.

The offshore staff are all motivated professionals who have diverse skill sets and just like your onshore team, they have immense room for growth if given the right opportunities. What we do here at UPS is to help you manage, train and monitor these professionals so they can grow with you and your business. Here’s how we do it:

Universal Property Systems Workflow System

We have developed a workflow system where each global member records their activity. We can track how many tasks they can accomplish in a day and how fast they are able to finish them. From there we are able to look at their capacity levels and daily productivity. The system is very user-friendly. As you can see in the image below, our team can easily track their active assignments, incomplete tasks and projects they have not yet started.















To create a new task they just have to fill out the form below with the client name, office, workflow type, description and scenario.



















We work with you and your new global team member throughout the induction training period and beyond to set up and optimise your deliverables and expectations within the workflow system. Each task has a time attached to it, a KPI, which is indicative of how long that task should realistically take to complete

As the global team members work and log their tasks through the workflow system the information is stored, and by the end of the week, our team leaders generate a report for each global team member. Our detailed reports visually show you the activity of your global team member for the week compared with the previous week and against their KPIs. With this, we are able to drill down and show you whether your team are at capacity and how efficiently they are performing.

At a glance, our team leaders and department heads are also able to see which tasks are currently in progress, not yet started, incomplete and completed so we can make sure your deliverables and expectations are being met.

The workflow and reporting systems are a valuable tool to improve the capacity and efficiency of your administrative team and they allow us to help you drive further improvement and efficiency in this area.  Our heads of departments and our team leaders are always able to assist you should you require any changes to your workflows or if you would like to discuss any of the reporting.

“UPS helps embed your global team member seamlessly into your business. We eliminate the stress associated with onboarding and we’ll help you to continue to run efficiently with our state-of-the-art workflow and reporting system. With more than 8 years of experience in the field, we are experts in offshoring real estate administration.”
-Renee Saisanas, Head of Sales & Marketing Services, Universal Property Systems



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