Offshoring can be a breeze or a hassle depending on the offshore provider you choose. With Universal Property Systems, the first thing that we ask our clients before they go global with us is – What do you want to achieve?

Whether it’s cutting costs or focusing on other business goals, we want to know where you want to go, so we can help take you there. Using our experience, we will guide you on the path to success by implementing our standardised ongoing service delivery.

How do we help you and your business prepare for offshoring? Here are 9 foolproof steps we take before we get you on board with our global team.

1. We evaluate your property management and sales operations for global team expansion

We base our proposals on your business needs. To determine which positions and how many global staff members you need, we thoroughly study your property management and sales operations.

2. We gain an understanding of your business size, future growth and social demographic

Our aim is not just to provide short-term relief but to provide long term continuous growth. We want to help you and your business grow continuously. With the expert industry knowledge and experience of our executive team, we can find solutions for your business woes together. From our years of real estate offshoring, we have developed a business evolution process to help our clients reach greater heights.

3. We give you a brief overview of UPS, our benefits and levels of engagement

As partners, we want to be transparent and honest with our clients. Prior to going global, we make sure that you know what to expect from us and our global team. 

4. We introduce you to our phase one positions and outline future growth opportunities

Our phase one positions are designed to give alignment and promote greater capacity for your office with global team members. This opens the doors for you to redefine the roles within your local team. As you get engaged with Universal Property Systems, you will have access to our departments to see what you can achieve moving forward for your real estate business.

5. We outline your journey and lessons learned

For clients to gain an understanding of how their offshore team will grow, we provide a phased outline on how we can add new roles, positions or tasks to your global team.

6. We determine I.T. equipment and software communication needs and setup

We use modern and up to date I.T. equipment and software in our operations. Your global team members are trained to be proficient in using them. We make sure to test and run all software prior to your engagement, for a smooth flow of business operations.

7. We arrange for operational positions to be in place and determine positions to be aligned as required

Upon gaining an understanding of your needs and goals, we select and appoint the most qualified global team members to be added to your team.

8. We determine software solutions specific to your needs

Aside from the standard software we have in place, if you have any other specific software you want us to use, just tell us and we’ll set it up for you.

9. We make sure that your positions are workflow ready

Prior to engagement, we finalise the workflow of each position and set each up on our workflow system so we can monitor the progress, speed and productivity of the team.

Below is an illustration of these steps. 

Our experience tells us that a phased approach to engaging a global workforce will provide optimal results for your business, your local team and your bottom line.

If you’re thinking of offshoring your real estate business give us a call at 1300 855 111 or email us at

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