For many years now, Universal Property Systems has partnered with FLK IT OVER to offer our clients top-notch and hassle-free lease agreements, but there is so much more to FLK IT OVER than systemised lease agreements.

They have evolved over the years by continuously trying to make Real Estate agents’ lives easier. Some of their new product features include Property Management agreements, Sales agreements, termination notices and rent increase letters.

They are all about automation and helping Property Managers with compliance. Check out more of the latest remote working tools in our blog: 8 Must-Have Real Estate Remote Working Tools

Just some of the many benefits that FLK IT OVER clients enjoy:

  • FLK takes a 4—7 day turnaround time down to 4—7 minutes
  • 100% legally binding digital agreements that save property managers up to 6 hours a week
  • Create leases with your own clauses & conditions
  • Speed things along with SMS reminders
  • Get automatic alerts for renewal dates

Learn more about their newest innovations with our exclusive interview with Andrew Colagiuri, CEO of FLK IT OVER.


Try FLK free for 30 days. We can help set this up for you, just call 1300 855 111 for an obligation-free chat or email to receive more information.