Free up your current resources now to build your business

Free up your current resources now to build your business
Follow the Sun with our successful offshoring tips that will allow you to focus on the efficiency of your business. Taking your backend and client facing property management and sales activities involves strategic planning and execution. Firstly, you need to determine what you want to achieve by having a Global offshore team. Secondly you need to identify the tasks that you want to have removed from your office and undertaken by your Global team. In this article we will be looking at identifying the tasks within your business that you can “send Global”. Firstly, identify the time consuming, costly and repetitive tasks that your Property Managers do. Let’s look at some of the repetitive “stuff” that you can consider to send Global:
  •  Payment of trades, utilities and invoices
  • Sending routine inspection notices to tenant, updating software and sending reports to the owner
  • Advices for rent increases, connect to landlord and update software
  • Lease renewals, co-ordinate, prepare, update software
  • Tenancy application reference checks and management of your Inspect Real Estate account including follow ups
Imagine if you could get these tasks off your Property Manager’s desk, also imagine the positive impact it will have on the efficiency of your business. You need to look at not only your processes but what can be done to add value on your wish list tasks that can be done Globally In other words, the things you know you should do but are too presently stretched to implement:
  • Processing trades invoices & utility payment
  • Follow up of trades for invoices and quotes
  • Routine inspections pre-programed scheduled, remind 7days after notice sent, 24-hour prior SMS reminder to tenant & thank you SMS to tenant
  • Rent increase notice reminder sent 2 weeks before increase takes effect to remind tenant
  • Lease renewals prompted & managed

Colin Rodgers Head of UPS Property Management Services Award-winning Real Estate professional, Colin Rodgers is an industry leader with over 25 years’ experience in Property Management. His vast expertise accelerates our clients’ results and sets the standard for the UPS Global Team’s culture and performance.
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