How to Save 40 hours on Repairs & Maintenance per week -

How to Save 40 Hours per week on your Property Management Team's Repairs & Maintenance

Are you getting countless tenant follow-ups regarding repairs and maintenance? Or your Property Managers simply running out of time to follow up repairs and quotes?

Repairs and maintenance are inevitable in Property Management. In reality, processing Repairs & Maintenance is a repetitive administrative task for your Property Managers which can easily eat up half of your Property Manager’s working day.

Imagine having someone do these tasks for less than half the cost of your Property Manager.

UPS Repairs & Maintenance Administrator

Our offshore team is trained by Real Estate professionals in actioning all repairs including tenant and tradesperson contact. They keep your property managers up to date with daily repairs actions, follow ups on outstanding jobs, quotes and invoices in addition to keeping your tenants informed in relation to the status of the repair. These activities alone increase your customer services levels, reduce incoming calls and emails and more importantly save your Property Managers time and delivering true capacity back to your office.

With UPS Repairs and Maintenance Administrators on your team, you’re saving your Property Managers on average 40 hours of repairs administrative tasks per week.

Get to know Ralph, one of our Repairs and Maintenance Administrators, in the video below.

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