The terms outsourcing and VA (virtual assistant) are buzzwords in the property management industry today. Everybody seems to be an expert on the topic. Often times people think that outsourcing and offshoring are the same, but in reality, there are some key differences.

Outsourcing is where you hand a task over to an external third party and they are then in control of that task and are responsible for the outcomes relating to it.  Getting your tax or auditing by an accountant are examples of outsourcing. Offshoring or going global, on the other hand, is about extending your workforce and aligning your operations to today and tomorrow’s technology. It’s engaging someone offshore to do tasks where you have direct control over their output.

Will going global remove all the woes from your back end sales and property management operations? If you go about it the right way and focus on making it work then yes, offshoring may just be the answer you are looking for.

How will going global help my business?

1. Turn your Property Managers into Relationship Managers

Property Managers go above and beyond to meet the needs of your clients. They’re the face of your company and the ones that keep your rent roll healthy. Imagine how much more productive they could be without the piles of administrative tasks sitting on their desks. Let your Property Managers evolve into Relationship Managers that focus on building trusting relationships with clients.

2. Move to an S.S.R. Model

The property management model of today is not the property management model of the future. Digitisation of the workforce in property management is real and if your competitors aren’t doing it already, they will be soon. Moving some of your roles offshore allows you to extend your workforce so you are able to capitalise on the opportunities that digitisation presents. The property management model of the future is centred around S.S.R. – Service, Support and Relationships. These three factors are crucial to keeping your business on top and ahead of others in the game.

3.Improve Efficiency, Productivity and Customer Service

Universal Property Systems (UPS) has spent years developing and refining systemisation tools that will streamline your operations and bring greater transparency to how your business is running. Our industry expertise coupled with our workflows and reporting will allow you to increase productivity and efficiency and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and every single client or prospect receives outstanding customer service, every single time.   By employing Universal Property System’s industry-trained global talent you can free up your local onshore property manager’s to focus on customer relationships while your offshore staff take care of all the time-consuming and repetitive administrative PM tasks.


What is a Co-Managed Offshore Service?

UPS provides a co-managed service. This is where we assist you in setting up the infrastructure of engaging someone offshore and we help with ongoing supervision and mentoring. Offshoring is most successful when an onshore champion is nominated who will be in charge of sending the required tasks and instructions to the offshore staff on a daily basis and being available to communicate with the offshore when needed.

The infrastructure required includes:

  1. Engaging the employee
  2. HR Management of the team
  3. Computer, screens, headset, camera and other technology
  4. Set up of appropriate and required software
  5. Induction and training into the Real Estate language and mindset
  6. Reporting of activity

UPS is able to leverage our expertise and knowledge gained through working with 30+ different Australian brands and a plethora of industry software platforms to share ideas and processes that will help you to optimise your global team. Your global team members are trained by Australian Property Managers and other industry professionals and they will utilise work instructions specifically made for their role in your organisation. Your onshore champion or team leader works with your offshore team to ensure that the tasks are completed at the level of the business’ expectations. We have had many years of experience seeing what works and what doesn’t. The best results come when we work together and partner with you.


“Globalising your workforce is the key to your business’ future”
-Colin Rodgers, Head of Property Management, Universal Property Systems

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