Every Property Management business owner and Department Head wants to improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of the property management department.

These goals can only be achieved by using resources to do the time consuming, repetitive and costly tasks that prevent your core staff from focusing on the things that are really important…. Your customers.

That’s why a property management business needs to move to a Global or offshore platform and move to an SSR Global Model – Service, Support & Relationships.

And that is what is missing in Property Management today.

Business owners need to identify and remove the repetitive tasks that Property Managers are doing so they can deliver Service, create Solutions and develop Relationships. In turn, this builds your business and delivers greater returns to you. Below you’ll find our property management global services and their corresponding tasks.




“By moving to a Global SSR model your property managers can manage more and actually do less. This shift will deliver greater returns to your clients & your business and build greater brand awareness.”
-Colin Rodgers, Head of Property Management Services, Universal Property Systems


A Global workforce, as provided to you by Universal Property Systems enables you to achieve these goals.

To find out more how UPS can help you reap the rewards from having a Global workforce call us on 1300 855 111 or email colin@upsystems.com.au.



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