Who would have thought that the world would change so much in a matter of months? Many thought the pandemic would only last a few months and yet it has more than half a year now with no end in sight.  We’ve learned to cope and adjusted the way we do things to keep ourselves and our businesses afloat.

The property market is not immune to the effects of the virus. For four consecutive months, we’ve seen a decline in housing values across cities. To help minimise the impacts of COVID-19 on your real estate business and to drive efficiency in an increasingly competitive market, we’ve gathered 4 ways to help you future proof your property management:

 Continue to service your rent roll effectively with remote self-inspections

Remote self-inspections can be done with the help of Realm. Realm offers a Rental Property Self-Inspection app that supports social distancing while facilitating normal business functions. The Rental Property Self-Inspection app uses innovative AI technology to facilitate tenants performing remote inspections, with a full report automatically delivered to the property manager for further analysis. Click here to learn more.

Invest in a system that allows electronic signing of leases

You can enhance your productivity and efficiency throughout the Covid-19 crisis and beyond, with electronic signing of leases. FLK IT OVER is a software that helps real estate companies conduct lease agreements remotely, from preparing documents, getting them out to the tenants and doing follow up.  The FLK IT OVER system ensures tenants read the lease agreement in its entirety, confirm their name, the rental amount, lease term and accept the T&Cs. This process has been designed to make the lease legally binding and watertight so you can be confident that it will hold up in a tribunal hearing, should it be needed. The user-friendly design of the app will also lessen the workload of your agents and verifies tenants’ understanding about what they are signing. Click here to learn more.

Streamline your annual compliance process and repairs

Protect lives and properties with 1300 Smoke Alarm. They streamline your annual compliance process and take care of your repairs. They also provide Smoke Alarm Annual Servicing, repair of smoke alarms, installation of new alarms, Safety Switch Inspections and Corded Window Inspections. 1300 Smoke Alarm currently services clients in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Click here to learn more.

Offshore your Property Management

Property management is time-consuming and administratively intensive. A lot of the tasks are repetitive and non-dollar. Offshoring these tasks will help your Property Managers focus on more income-generating tasks. We’ll save you thousands of working hours and administrative costs per month. Below is a list of our property management roles and their corresponding responsibilities.

Universal Property Systems has partnered with these innovative platforms to bring your real estate business to the next level. If you wish to learn more, please call fill out the form below, call 1300 855 111 or email colin@upsystems.com.au.


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