First home buyers in New South Wales will be pleased to hear that the NSW government has recently abolished stamp duty for newly-built properties under $800,000. An increase of $250,000 from the previous $650,000. Stamp duty discounts are also available for properties priced up to $1 Million.

Stamp duty on vacant land also increased its threshold from $350,000 to $400,000 and will phase out at $500,000. If you’re purchasing a new home for no more than $600,000 or buying land and building a new first home for no more than $750,000, you can also enjoy a $10,000 First Home Owner Grant.

These changes could save you around $30,000 in total.

The year-long move was made to prop up the economy, especially the construction and real estate industry amid the COVID recession. An estimated 6,000 first-home buyers are predicted to benefit from this change.

This is great news for the property market as well as it will encourage more younger buyers to purchase houses instead of apartments. The expected increase in demand will hopefully inject confidence into both home buyers and sellers.

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NSW Government changes stamp duty rules for first-home buyers to prop up economy



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