On the 14th of March, Australia recorded its 100th case of COVID-19. By the 23rd of the same month, stage 2 restrictions were put into place. The lockdowns slowed business activity and lead to the recession we face today.

CoreLogic reports that capital city prices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane continue to drop. The largest cumulative decline in property value was recorded in Melbourne with a 3.5% drop since March. The second in Perth with a 2% decline and third in Sydney with a 1.7% decline.

In 2020, the estimated number of temporary migrants that left the country was around 300,000. The closing of international borders and drops in overseas migration greatly impacted housing prices in Melbourne and Sydney. These two major cities typically welcome the bulk of immigrants to Australia each year, creating a huge demand for housing. Without these immigrants, housing demand has seen a steep decline.

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