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Phase One Positions

Campaign Coordinator

Executing effective marketing campaigns requires creativity and effort to stand out from the crowd. Campaign Co-ordinators learn and adhere to your brand and messaging style guide. They have strong attention to detail, so the campaign message makes its mark with the right audience.

Campaign delivery done right each and every time.

Sales Administrator

Real estate sales success comes from spending quality time with both buyers and sellers to build trust and confidence. Our Sales Administrators handle all the periphery tasks to maximise the value added by keeping sales agents out in the field.

Maximise the time agents spend with clients.

Phase Two Positions

Social Media Co-ordinator

Designing engaging, relevant and timely content to grow your social media profile and brand influence is a unique skill that takes an ongoing time commitment. Social Media Co-ordinators bring your brand to life in social media using the latest techniques.

Build a thriving online community for your business.

Phase Three Positions

Graphic Designer

Create the right emotional response with your audience across campaign collateral. Our Graphic Designers immerse themselves in your brand and develop creative concepts when you need them to deliver the right results at lower costs.

Deliver consistent campaigns that stand out from the crowd.

Other services we offer for the real estate industry.

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We are available to discuss your individual needs and what best suits your business. Once you’ve decided to hire an offshore staff member for your business, Universal Property Systems will be there for you every step of the way!

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