3 Ways Offshoring Can Help Real Estate Agents Improve their KPI

3 Ways Offshoring Can Help Real Estate Agents Improve their KPI

3 Ways Offshoring Can Help Real Estate Agents Improve their KPI

What makes a great Real Estate Agent?

With thousands of agencies and agents in Australia and New Zealand, why should people hire your services? Why should they lease, sell or buy with you?

Market Knowledge

The ideal agent is a master of property valuation and appraisal. Someone who is up-to-date with industry trends and knows how each sale affects the value of properties around it.

Winning Personality

As agents you are not just selling, listing, or leasing a property, you are selling the entire experience – the whole package. That includes convenience, a personable and friendly approach with clients, fast response to inquiries, online selling knowledge, and timely follow-ups. 

Goal Getter Attitude

Much like any job in the world Real Estate Agents also face the inevitable monthly KPIs. Some set by the company, others just personal goals that they want to achieve. Below is a list of performance KPIs and how offshoring can help you attain or surpass them.

Add 25 Buyer Prospects to my Email List

Maintaining and growing an email list is key to Real Estate Success. Even when you can’t close a deal with them the first time, you can always go back to update them on any market changes or any new listing.

Offshore Task: Run Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

One of the ways your offshore sales and marketing team can help you reach prospective buyers is through running ads on Facebook. Sponsor property photos and videos to reach your desired audience. It’s cost-efficient and highly effective.

Increase my daily sales calls from 5 to 10

Sales calls can be taxing and time-consuming. You already got a lot on your plate but one of the most effective sale method is still through calls or personal meetings.

Offshore Task: Create a call list and assist with client calls

Your offshore staff can help prepare a relevant call list of clients or prospects that would be interested in a new listing. If you are short on time, they can assist by getting in touch with your connections. You can give them a script, basic instructions, or limitations if you’d like.

Increase my online prescence by posting 5-7 times a week

Boost your image and cultivate trust by showcasing your expertise and achievements on your online profiles. Nothing is more effective than showing results and feedback from happy clients.

Offshore Task: Design and Post on Social Media

Your Social Media Coordinator can help plan and create a content strategy for your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages – new listings, blogs, client testimonials, auction results and many more. Your Graphic Designer can help edit out impressive images or videos for your perusal.

If you find your Agents and Property Managers spending more and more time on the office than in the field building client relationships, consider moving their admin tasks to the Philippines.

Universal Property Systems offers seamless and hassle-free offshoring services to Real Estate agencies in Australia and New Zealand. Run by licensed Real Estate professionals, you can rest assured that our services won’t just be a band-aid solution to your problems but rather a long-term function for the growth and stability of your business.

Sales Admin and Marketing Positions you can offshore:

Executing effective marketing campaigns requires creativity and effort to stand out from the crowd. Campaign Coordinators learn and adhere to your brand and messaging style guide. They have strong attention to detail, so the campaign message makes its mark with the right audience.

Real estate sales success comes from spending quality time with both buyers and sellers to build trust and confidence. Our Sales Administrators handle all the periphery tasks to maximise the value added by keeping sales agents out in the field.

Designing engaging, relevant and timely content to grow your social media profile and brand influence is a unique skill that takes an ongoing time commitment. Social Media Coordinators bring your brand to life in social media using the latest techniques.

Create the right emotional response with your audience across campaign collateral. Our Graphic Designers immerse themselves in your brand and develop creative concepts when you need them to deliver the right results at lower costs.

If you’re ready to build your offshore team, call us at 1300 855 111 for a free consultation or email us at info@upsystems.com.au.

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