Real estate sales and marketing can be both taxing and time consuming. It takes away precious time that could have otherwise been used to build strong and lasting relationships with clients. Removing administrative tasks from your agents will help them focus on more important tasks and help them provide better customer service.

Change the way you do business with global campaign coordinators from Universal Property Systems. Our campaign coordinators make sure all marketing needs are met before deadlines. They learn and adhere to your brand and messaging style guide. Their strong attention to detail guarantees that your campaign message makes its mark with the right audience. With our 30-day intensive training, our global team members are trained to:

  • launch listings live to the web;
  • manage submissions of listing for local editorials; and
  • manage booking & distribution of photos, floorplans, copywriting, and videos.

With Universal Property Systems, we take care of your essential administrative tasks so your local team can do more and achieve more.

Our team members are trained to fit into the needs and values of your office. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of our clients through co-managed service solutions that produce better results for your business.

Let us help you reach greater heights with our limitless solutions.

Give us a call today on 1300 855 111!

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