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Are there differences between Real Estate outsourcing accountants in Australia and the Philippines?

Are you considering outsourcing?

Are you thinking of taking your finance administrative tasks offshore? If yes, that is fantastic! And when you think about outsourcing, the Philippines is the first thing that pops into your mind. Why is that? Did you know that the Philippines has grown to be one of the top outsourcing locations globally?

Here at Universal Property Systems, we have different department heads who have years of experience in the Real Estate-specific industries. We understand how your business operates; the tasks needed to be done, and we match a global team member for you.

When working with Filipinos, chances are you might be seeing some things that are different from how they work. Consider these factors like cultural differences and work trends to assure efficiency between you and your team member. In this blog, let us look into the differences between Australian and Filipino accountants.

Educational background, qualifications and skills

The first thing that we need to look into are the educational qualifications and skills. The table below shows the differences in the academic and professional aspects between Australian and Filipino accountants.


Accountants: Their Roles and Work Culture

Accountants play a vital role in a business. They are responsible for bookkeeping, interpreting financial records and other finance-related tasks. If done inaccurately, there could be consequences making getting the right person for the job. Let us see the technical skills and experience aspect. 

Career structure

The Australian and Filipino accountants’ career structure is similar. It can start from a Junior Accountant moving into an Accountant or specialist roles like Financial Accountant or Management Accountant to more senior roles or even executive positions. You may be thinking, how come it is similar? The Western influence within the Filipino culture and the Philippines being a colonised country. Filipino accountants are professional, attention-to-detail and skilled problem solvers. Also, with top-notch analytic and communication skills, Filipino accountants are on par with their Australian counterparts.


Another difference between the Australian and Filipino accountants is the comparable salary. A Filipino accountant’s salary rate is considerably lower than an Australian accountant. Why are the Filipino accountants not getting paid what they deserve? It is important to learn the economic differences between Australia and the Philippines. Filipinos have lower living costs than Australia, but that doesn’t mean it affects their work output, and this could also mean that you can save more by outsourcing.

With all the differences broken down, despite it all, you can see a winning factor here, businesses choose to outsource to save and still acquire the best work output. And the Filipinos employed in an outsourcing company get secured employment and a competitive salary.

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