Real Estate Agencies harness the power of aesthetically pleasing and emotionally engaging images and videos to sell their services and the homes of their clients. Booklets, flyers, brochures, property videos, website photos and social media posts are all used in high-class sales campaigns. When people search for listings online, they are bombarded with property images from websites and social media posts. People rely on photos and videos in deciding which properties to buy or lease.

Standing out among dozens of real estate agencies is a challenge. The key to winning the hearts of buyers and sellers alike is consistent branding through quality visual content.

Branding introduces your product or service to your customers and sets you apart from your competitors. Our team of highly-experienced Graphic Designers can help you build an identity for your brand. Here’s how:


You want your website to be visually pleasing and user friendly. Potential clients should be able to easily navigate between your agents and available listings. Use quality images or videos to sell the best assets of the property. If location is its best asset, take a drone shot photo of the property showing its proximity to desirable areas like the beach. Graphic designers can help you edit and improve property images and videos in a way that aligns with your website content and overall branding.

Social Media

Social media posts should also be consistent with your branding. They need to be eye-catching and informative at the same time. When posting new listings, it is helpful to have the property address on the social tile because most often people only look at the image without reading the caption that comes with it. Designing social media tiles geared towards your target market is one of the skills our graphic designers were trained for. They can provide you with social media templates to organise your listing, testimonials and other content.


Take clients on a tour within properties without having them leave the house by uploading property videos on Youtube. Youtube is still the ideal and most visited video based social media site. You can link these videos on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts easily. With the use of Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects, our graphic designers can produce professional video edits for your properties.

Printed Collateral

Printed Collateral is not dead. Flyers, brochures and booklets still come in handy, especially during auctions and property visits. Physical marketing materials, when done professionally, leave a positive and lasting image. Following your branding guidelines, our graphic designers can help you create informative and visually pleasing flyers, brochures and booklets.

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