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How a Real Estate Agency Halved the Cost of 93 Hours of Admin Work per Week

The Challenge

The first thing we always ask our clients is “What do you want to achieve with offshoring?” or “What business paint points do you want to resolve by moving your admin offshore?

This particular client wanted to improve the efficiency of their Property Management and Sales Division without disrupting client servicing. 

The ultimate goal is to free Property Managers from their lease applications and repairs and maintenance admin work. Another is to free Sales Agents from the admin listing process so they can be more focused on income-generating activities like leasing and selling.

The UPS Offshoring Solution

Universal Property Systems is an Australian owned and managed offshoring provider that specialises in Real Estate. With years of onshore and offshore experience, we’ve mastered a seamless and hassle-free way of helping agencies transition admin work from Australia and New Zealand to the Philippines. Here’s how we helped solve our client’s pain points.

The client started offshoring with one Repairs and Maintenance Administrator. The aim is to streamline and attend to all their repairs and to minimise tenant follow-up calls within one month.

Our offshore team member actioned all repairs including tenant and tradespersons contact. They also kept property managers up to date and processed tradespersons invoices.

"Ian is doing a fantastic job with our repairs. His communication is sharp
with both landlords, tenants an also our agency. We are really
happy with the level of service we are receiving from Ian."

With the success of Phase 1, this rising star agency commenced leasing administration roles for the processing of tenancy applications, management of lease start process, and lease preparation.

We currently have 2 tenancy administration positions with them undertaking all routine inspections and administration of rent reviews and lease renewals.

Seeing how Property Management positions helped improve the performance of their Property Management team, the client brought on a Sales Administrator to free up one of their Sales Agents from admin work.

Everything was offshored from booking photoshoots, adding properties to Property Tree, creating brochures and signboards, managing My App, advertising through CampaignTrack to booking OFIs and sending calendar invites.

This Sales Agent ended up doubling their efficiency and their Global team member became a part of their team. Eventually, another agent commissioned the assistance of our Sales Administrator.
The success and efficiency this collaboration brought, resulted to our client adding another Sales Administrator to their offshore team.

"Bianca has been absolutely awesome. Extremely Efficient, sharp and
smooth with all her operations. Grateful to have such a
great operator help us throught our business."

The Results

Our client saved 93 combined hours of their Property Managers and Sales Agents’ time per week. Imagine how much more your onshore team can accomplish without repetitive and non-dollar tasks weighing them down and eating up their time.

At the same time, your office is able to enjoy a 60% reduction in admin cost or $120,000 total annual savings for 3 full time offshore positions.

of Repairs & Maintenance Removed from Property Managers per week

of Lease Administration Removed from Property Managers per week

of Sales Administration Removed from Sales Agents per week

The Conclusion

Moving administrative tasks offshore is a competitive advantage. Transferring 93 hours offshore and saving $120,00 per annum can go directly to increasing your profit bottom line.

If you find your Agents and Property Managers spending more and more time on the office than in the field building client relationships, consider moving their admin tasks offshore.

Universal Property Systems offers seamless and hassle-free offshoring services to Real Estate agencies in Australia and New Zealand. Run by licensed Real Estate professionals, you can rest assured that our services won’t just be a band-aid solution to your problems but rather a long-term function for the growth and stability of your business.

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