Integrating global staff to your marketing team comes with a lot of benefits.

A blended marketing team is a mixture of both onshore and offshore staff. It’s one of the leading ways to streamline your marketing processes, save administrative costs, and improve efficiency. It allows you to maximise the same annual marketing budget while yielding better results for lead generation and conversion.

  • Increased efficiency
    Taking away administrative tasks from the hands of your Sales Agents and Property Managers allows them to focus more on providing quality service to your clients.
  • Systemisation
    Our standard workflows are systemised and can be customised to fit your business so that the flow of work runs smoothly from onshore to offshore. Let us know how you want things done and we’ll create a process map to serve as a guide for your offshore staff.
  • Automation
    We use up-to-date and top of the line technology and software in conducting our business to ensure fast and efficient completion of tasks. Our marketing team members are trained in CampaignTrack, AgentBox, and other software used in Real Estate sales and marketing.
  • Greater opportunity for business expansion
    With more funds at your disposal, you can focus your efforts on expanding your business. You can use the funds that you saved from offshoring in hiring more sales agents, setting up offices in other areas, or simply purchasing equipment your business needs.

How does a hybrid Offshore and Onshore model function?

The onshore and offshore team work together.

Strategy formulation, social media content development, client services, and vendor communication typically remain onshore. Our clients remain responsible for the control of the daily marketing directives. The senior onshore agency staff have valuable insight into which direction they want their agency to go and which message they want to convey to their clients and prospects. Implementation functions, on the other hand, such as sending listings live on the web, digital marketing, graphic design, email marketing, web development, SEO, analytics, video production, and other back-end tasks can be outsourced offshore.

We have found that many clients choose to begin offshoring with any of the following positions:

  • Campaign Coordinator 
    Our Campaign Coordinators produce online and offline marketing collateral for properties that are for sale. They understand and adhere to corporate style and copywriting guidelines and build and maintain important relationships with preferred suppliers – all while you get on with what you do best: selling property and building Client relationships.
  • Sales Administrator
    Effective Sales Support is essential to the success of any Real Estate sales department. From expense reports and sales proposals, to coordinating meetings and general office communications, our Sales Administrators understand the nuances of the real estate industry and are dedicated to supporting your team in the field.
  • Social Media Coordinator
    Social media presence is vital in any business, even in Real Estate. Your social media coordinator can plan, develop and implement your monthly social media campaign complete with layouts and copy. Their capabilities also extend to email marketing and website management.

To learn more about Blended Marketing Teams, hear from our Head of Sales and Marketing Services, Renee Saisanas.

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