We are Universal Property Systems and We Challenge The Status Quo

We are Universal Property Systems and We Challenge The Status Quo

There have been a lot of companies out there trying to serve you a solution on how to grow your team and at the same time lower your operational costs on the bottom line.It may be done through freelancing, outsourcing, offshoring, virtual assistant, or whatever they call it.

Reduced operational costs are very promising, but you have to be critical and evaluate if there’s an alignment on what you do to what your business service provider offers. The business operations model of your service provider should have harmony with what you want to achieve for a long-term success.

You have to keep in mind that reduced operational costs are not the full benefit of going global, and this is where Universal Property Systems enters.

We are all about providing co-managed real estate-focused global services to enrich the lives and provide value to our clients.

We want to bring back the customer service experience with our 12 global positions specialising in Property Management, Real Estate Sales and Marketing, and Business Finance. And here’s a snapshot on the benefits of partnering with us.

Industry Trained Global Team Members

Universal Property Systems aims to provide a global team member ready to be embedded in your local team who is coached and mentored daily.

Screening the right fit global team member to join your local team. Here at Universal Property System, we customise ourselves to fit into the needs of our clients, so we can walk through success in harmony.

Your global team member with us is provided a 30-day training program with a highly experienced global management team before they go on board.

Our training program aims to provide our clients with an exceptional experience and service to enhance their brand reputation.

Real Estate Focused Service Solution

We are industry experts and our decades of experience behind us allows us to bridge the gap and make your business journey a success.

Managed Service Solution

Universal Property System provides a phased-in approach to your position to drive efficiency and capacity within your business.

Your Universal Property System team member is under the direct supervision of our positional team leader and overseen directly by our team managers who each have over 10 years of industry experience.

Top-Notch Team Leaders

With our 7 years of experience in offshore real estate management, we still challenge ourselves each day on how can we create greater capacity and empower the core competencies of our clients

We are glad to be working with talented and well-equipped team leaders who are experts in their field to deliver a high standard of service in guiding your global team members to success. They look after your global team member if they are meeting your expectations.

We are Universal Property Systems, and we challenge the status quo.

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