Blended onshore/offshore marketing teams may seem complicated but with the right offshore or outsourcing provider, it can be a piece of cake. Having global team members as part of your marketing team may just be the competitive advantage you are looking for. Check out the following benefits of offshoring with Universal Property Systems.

Lower Operational Costs

It’s no secret that one of the benefits of offshoring is operational costs savings. You can get two offshore marketing staff for the price of one onshore marketing employee with virtually identical education and experience levels. And you can rest assured that your global staff are still paid generously.

Double Staff Efficiency

With the administrative tasks shifted away from your agents, they are able to focus on more added-value tasks and spend more time building relationships with clients. Your offshore staff will make sure that properties get listed, photos are booked, auctions are scheduled and social media channels are updated.

To effectively manage your blended marketing team, here are a few tips we’ve gathered from our years of offshoring experience:

Clearly define tasks and procedures

The first step is to identify the tasks that should remain onshore and which tasks should be carried by your offshore team. Typically, strategy, content writing and face-to-face client operations remain onshore. Next, outline the tasks you want each position to fulfil and we will enter these into our bespoke workflow system. We can help set this up with our standard workflow systems or we can alter these and customise them to suit your business needs.

Utilise Team Leaders

If you are too busy to keep tabs on the day-to-day activities and deadlines of your offshore staff the take advantage of our Team Leaders who are there to guarantee that all your tasks are done in accordance with your standards.

The UPS team ensure that tasks are done on time and without any compromise in the quality of the work. Our Team Leaders are there to assist any team member with questions and are available to fill in for members on leave. Plus, you’ll receive weekly reports from them so you can monitor the efficiency and productivity of your global staff.

You can also take advantage of programs like Trello, Monday or Air table to help you monitor large projects. Our cloud-based workflow system documents all tasks with dates and timestamps to help you monitor productivity.

Offshore with a Real Estate-Specific Agency

Here at Universal Property Systems we make sure that our Sales and Marketing Team members are ready to be seated in your team from the get go. They are trained in CampaignTrack, Agent Box, Adobe Suite and the general real estate lingo, prior to onboarding.

We have the following positions available: Campaign Coordinator, Sales Administrator, Social Media Coordinator and Graphic Designer.

Hear from our Head of Sales and Marketing, Renee Saisanas, to learn more about implementing a blended marketing team in your agency.

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