Often, you may find yourself not maximising your offshore team. We found that this occurs because you have unconsciously limited the activities you have your global team do. Unconscious because perhaps you haven’t explored the idea of having your global staff do more for you.

Take our Property Coordinators, for instance. They act as support to your team by generating expense reports, creating sales proposals, coordinating meetings and general office communications.

If we dive into specifics there are a few tasks your Property Coordinators can do for you:

  1. Prepare Monthly and Quarterly Comparative  Market Analysis (CMA) Reports

    Real Estate agents should be able to answer this question – “How much is my home worth?”. Sales appraisals are based on existing and up-to-date data on the current market. Your offshore team can help you gather this data so you can appraise wisely. Comparative Market Analysis is essential to determine the best value of homes based on similar sold properties nearby. It allows your Agents to make educated suggestions to sellers on how much they should price their listings. They can also help their buyers make competitive offers. Generating a CMA report requires time and attention to detail. Having your offshore staff handle this for you will save your agents a lot of time which they can use for more productive activities.

  2. Launch Listings Live on the Web

    It sometimes takes more than 2 hours to send properties live on the web. With Property Coordinators, your agent only needs to hand over necessary information and wait for Coordinators to upload the details on their preferred CRM system. Once approved, the property is immediately sent live.

  3. Create Brochures, Signboards, Mail cards, and Fruit boxes

    Who said you can’t order and create brochures, signboards, mail cards or even fruit boxes online? With CampaignTrack’s all-in-one Real Estate online solutions, even your offshore staff can do this for you. You need not worry about the small details.

  4. Book OFI and Send Calendar Invites

    Open homes are a part of every Agent’s weekend. Juggling several properties while dealing with buyers and sellers alike, it’s not uncommon for Agents to struggle with their busy schedule. Your offshore coordinator is always here to book your OFIs and send your calendar invites for you. Hence, things run smoothly, and you can focus on customer service and relationship building. They can even help you sent out bulk email invites to all enquirers so they never miss your open homes.

  5. Book photoshoots, floor plans, copywriting and videos

    Your offshore coordinators act as the middlemen between you and your suppliers. They’ll schedule photoshoots, floor plans, copywriting and videos based on the most convenient time for you. They can help organise your calendar by sending calendar invites for each booking.

  6. Digital / Social Media Marketing

    Digitisation of the Real Estate industry is well and truly upon us. A well-managed website and social media presence can help boost your brand awareness.  These minute details matter since most of us are spending more time online. Your offshore staff can help you publish new listing, sold properties and other basic posting.

Your offshore team are professionals seeking career growth, and they appreciate gaining experience in a lot of aspects in their jobs. They find thrill in learning new tasks within the scope of their job description. They see it as an opportunity to sharpen their skills.

If you wish to learn more about Property Coordinators and how they can add value to your team give us a call at 1300 855 111 or email us at info@upsystems.com.au.


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