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Why the Philippines is the No. 1 Real Estate Offshoring Destination

What is Real Estate Offshoring

Real estate offshoring is the practice of entering into an arrangement to have tasks or an ongoing service provided in an offshore location. These tasks could fall under property management, sales, marketingfinance, and even data migration. Outsourcing non-dollar tasks has proven to not only save agencies time and money but also double the efficiency of their Agents and Property Managers. When done properly, offshoring allows businesses to refocus business assets on growth activities.

Where should I offshore?

There are a number of countries offering business process outsourcing services including India, Ukraine, China, Poland, and the Philippines. As a Real Estate outsourcing provider, our clients often ask “Why did you choose the Philippines?”. Years of research, careful evaluation, and testing the process in real businesses have resulted in this decision. Here are a number of reasons why we chose to offshore to the Philippines

Why the Philippines is the No. 1 Real Estate Offshoring Destination

1. English Proficiency

English is the second language of Filipinos. 64% of the Filipino population speaks English. It is the primary language taught in schools, universities, and even in the government. The country is also ranked 2nd in Asia for English proficiency, making it an ideal offshore base.

2. No Time Zone Issue

The 2-hour time difference between Australia and the Philippines guarantees that your team works during your business hours. Our team adjusts to accommodate Australia’s daylight saving time,

3. Work Ethic

Filipinos take pride in their work. They have a high regard for professionalism. They respect and value others’ time which makes working with them easy.

4. Low Cost of Living

The relatively lower cost of living allows offshoring agencies to save up to 70% on employment costs.

5. Cultural Compatibility

The Filipino culture is a mix of western and Asian traditions. They’re open-minded and able to connect with people of different cultures.

If you find your Agents and Property Managers spending more and more time on the office than in the field building client relationships, consider moving their admin tasks to the Philippines.

Universal Property Systems offers seamless and hassle-free offshoring services to Real Estate agencies in Australia and New Zealand. Run by licenced Real Estate professionals, you can rest assured that our services won’t just be a band-aid solution to your problems but rather a long-term function for the growth and stability of your business.

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