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Why UPS is the No 1 Real Estate Offshore Provider

Is Real Estate Offshoring Your Next Best Move?

Are your Property Managers processing hundreds of lease applications each month? Are your Agents struggling to get all listing up on the web?

No man is an island. You can’t and shouldn’t do everything by yourself.

Maybe it’s time you get someone else to do repetitive and time-consuming admin tasks so you can focus on what you do best – listing, leasing, and selling.

Universal Property Systems is an Australian offshoring company providing all-around Real Estate offshore administration and business solutions with industry-trained Filipino staff.

Our Services

Get your listings up on the web with complete digital ads and social media posts profesiionally designed by graphic designers. Get your Agents out of the office with offshore Sales & Marketing staff keeping your back-end in line.

Our Property Management Administrators can do application processing, lease preparation, collections, repairs, and compliance. They can take care of administrative tasks so your Property Managers can focus on more dollar-generating tasks,

Real Estate data can be overwhelming. Having someone offshore processing those data and turning them into reports will save you time and help you make better decisions.

The UPS Advantage

Perhaps you now have an idea about what benefits your business can get from offshoring. You want to try it out but you don’t know where to start. One of the few things you might have asked yourself is “How do I find the best offshoring provider for my business?”

We’ve got you! There are thousands of offshoring providers all over the world, here are a few things you might want to consider:

  • Where are they located? 
  • What industry do they speclialise in?
  • How do they recruit, train, and monitor their staff?

Universal Property Systems is a one-stop-place for everything offshoring in the Real Estate Industry. Forget about the hassle of hiring, setting up software and daily staff performance monitoring, below is a list of reasons why UPS is the No 1 offshore provider for Real Estate Agencies across Australia and New Zealand.

Operated by Australians with years of Real Estate and Business Experience, UPS’ standard of service is above all others.

One of the biggest challenges to outsourcing, offshoring or finding virtual assistants is hiring the right candidate with the right skillsets. At UPS, you don’t have to worry about that. We have a talent pool of trained staff ready for us to help embed into your business. We train, manage, and monitor your global team with you so offshoring can be a breeze.

Headed by Department Heads and Team Leaders, our 30-day training encompasses real estate basics, workflow familiarisation, software introduction and more. We have standard workflows in place that you can customise depending on your business needs and current work arrangements.

Our cloud-based workflow system is especially designed to track your offshore team’s to-do list  in real time so you can monitor the productivity of your staff any time. 

Team Leaders serve as a bridge between you and your team. Each week you can expect productivity reports on each of your team members highlighting how many task they have accomplished and how long they spent completing each task. All our team leaders attend training from all clients so they can give advice, help, and support to your new global team members.

Most organisations are concerned about data security when they consider offshoring.
The following points are important to consider:

  • The communications infrastructure in the Philippines is world-class. The internet
    is better than in some parts of Australia.
  • Modern software security is making working offshore safer and safer. In fact, it is
    no different to working from home during Covid.
  • Most cloud-based software offers multi-layer security protection to ensure the
    security of your data.
  • Working in an office is preferable to working from home. Phones are not allowed in the office during work hours as well.
  • All USB ports are disabled for data downloading on UPS computers. This means that no one can copy data to a USB stick.
  • Login codes to your Property Management and Sales software are set up specific to the person. We don’t use generic logins that can be used by others.

  • There are no printers connected to the UPS team member computers. This means that it is not possible to print or to create PDF documents without bypassing this protection.
With UPS, the confidentiality and safety of your data and information is a top priority. The set-up of computers and the steps we take to secure them provides a higher level of security than virtually any Real Estate office in Australia.

If you find your Agents and Property Managers spending more and more time in the office than out of the office building client relationships, consider moving their admin tasks to Universal Property Systems.

Universal Property Systems offers seamless and hassle-free offshoring services to Real Estate agencies in Australia and New Zealand. Run by licensed Real Estate professionals, you can rest assure that our services won’t just be a band-aid solution to your problems but rather a long-term function for the growth and stability of your business.

Call us at 1300 855 111 for a free consultation or email us at info@upsystems.com.au.

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