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What is a UPS Real Estate Virtual Assistant?
A UPS Real Estate Virtual Assistant is your dedicated partner in streamlining property management tasks and optimising operational efficiency. A Real Estate Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled professional equipped with in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry and its nuances. Operating remotely, they seamlessly integrate into your team, offering tailored solutions that cater to your business unique needs.

Our highly skilled Virtual Assistants are adept at tackling a variety of tasks to optimise your business efficiency. Here’s what a UPS Virtual Assistant can do for you:

  • Lease Administrators
  • Tenancy Administrators
  • Efficiently process rental applications
  • Manage arrears within the 1-14 day window
  • Prepare and handle lease agreements
  • Manage the IRE process
  • Schedule and process rent reviews 
  • Schedule and manage routine inspections
  • Facilitate seamless lease renewal
  • Repairs and Maintenance Administrators
  • Tenancy Care Administrator
  • Processing and managing incoming repair requests
  • Follow-up on outstanding invoices
  • Keep tenants informed about repair statuses
  • Ensure timely follow-up on repair quotes
  • Address all tenant inquiries promptly and professionally
  • Process rental applications efficiently
  • Manage arrears within the 1-14 day period
  • Oversee the lease preparation process
  • Manages the vacate process
  • Overseeing IRE matters

Tailored Solutions for Your Property Management Needs

Workflow Design and Virtual Assistant Management

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why we craft custom workflows that align with your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure that your virtual assistants are always on task, helping your agents or office perform tasks and concentrate on what they do best.

Our Dedicated Australian Managers and On-Ground Team Leaders

We take pride in our team of experienced Australian managers and skilled on-ground team leaders. Their extensive experience in the real estate industry ensures that your property management-related tasks are handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise. They are here to guide your virtual assistants, offer insights, and ensure the seamless execution of property management processes.

Key Points:

Expertise and Insight: Our Australian managers and team leaders bring deep industry knowledge, acquired through hands-on experience in various real estate sectors. Their understanding of property management intricacies enables strategic guidance aligned with your business goals.

Professionalism: Upholding the highest standards of professionalism, our Australian managers and team leaders ensure meticulous execution of tasks, interactions, and processes. Their expertise spans leasing, tenancy management, repairs administration, and tenant care, benefiting your business success.

Guiding Virtual Assistants: These leaders play a vital role in nurturing the growth of our Real Estate Virtual Assistants. Through continuous training and mentorship, they empower virtual assistants to excel. This collaborative approach equips your business with a capable team for diverse tasks.

Efficient Processes: Leveraging their expertise, our managers and team leaders enhance the seamless execution of property management tasks. Close collaboration with your assigned virtual assistant ensures accurate, efficient task completion in alignment with your agency’s needs.

Backbone of Excellence: Incorporating years of industry experience, unwavering professionalism, and a dedication to fostering growth, our Australian managers and on-ground team leaders represent the backbone of Universal Property Systems’ service excellence. With their guidance, your property management tasks are not only managed efficiently but are also elevated to meet the highest industry standards. 

Why Choose Universal Property Systems?

Tailored Solutions: We understand your business is unique, and our services are designed to align with your needs perfectly.

Efficiency: Our workflows and management techniques ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and promptly.

Expert Team: Our Australian managers and on-ground team leaders bring valuable industry experience to the table.

Focus on Growth: By entrusting us with your property management tasks, you can focus on expanding your business and increasing profitability.

At Universal Property Systems, we’re more than an outsourcing company – we are your property management partners. Let us take care of the administrative complexities, so you can unlock your business’s full potential. 

Ready to elevate your property management operations? Contact Universal Property Systems today to discuss how our tailored services can enhance your business’s performance. We look forward to partnering with you for success.