Property Management Industry Specialists

We develop a deep understanding of your company to optimise your brand equity and protect your core brand values Outsourcing is easy, cost-effective and free from the many risks an costs associated with hiring in-house staff.
Leasing Administrators
  No more chasing prospective tenants for applications, booking inspections or responding to general inquiries. Our part-time or full-time Leasing Co-ordinators take on the tasks that take up the most of your time and keep you away from relationship management and giving your best to your clients.
Repairs and Maintenance Administrator
Chasing tradespeople, communicating with tenants and following up on key returns take time away from a Property Manager’s day. Our Repairs & Maintenance Administrators ensure jobs are completed, logged and invoiced, both cost-effectively and promptly, letting you manage a larger portfolio of properties in reduced time.
Relief Property Manager
Heading on holidays or need help during a boom in your business? Our Relief Property Managers are highly-experienced and know what it takes to be a successful. With your reputation and client-base firmly supported?? Juggling a holiday around work or struggling with a sudden increase in business is a thing of the past.
Routine Inspection Administrator
An essential part of any Property Management role, routine inspections flag issues, ensure the property is kept in the best possible condition and protects your clients’ investment. However, arranging and confirming inspections can take up more time than the actual inspection visit. Our Routine Inspection Administrators preschedule routine inspections, communicate with tenants and follow up to ensure your time is best spent on the important work of inspections, not diary management.
Tenancy Care
Inquiries from tenants come at all times of the day and for a multitude of reasons. Our Tenancy Care Staff are on call (during the hours you stipulate to answer questions), provide guidance or manage communication between landlord and tenant. They assist with general maintenance of a property from lawn mowing and gardening, through to guiding a tenant where to find legislation on their concerns.
Lease/Rent Review/Networking Call Administrator
Juggling lease and rent reviews and maintaining KPI registers are time-consuming and often frustrating aspects of Property Management. Our Lease/Rent Review/Networking Call Administrators provide monthly lease renewal and rent review reports, making your monthly management reports easy to collate and present.
Team Leader
Overseeing the daily activities of each Administrator, our Team Leaders have an intimate working knowledge of each process, role and software. They are the conduit between daily operations and your business goals. They ensure all staff are across your brand’s identity and values to deliver the best support services to you.
Finance Administrator
Not everyone has a knack for finance and bank reconciliations! Our Finance Administrators do all of your back-end accounts work from daily bank balancing, setting up utilities and strata payments through Filesmart and advising debits to landlords. We protect the financial position of your Property Management portfolio with accurate and timely Finance Admin.
Position and Portfolio Reporting
It can be hard to take a step back from your work day to analyse your portfolio and position and make plans for the future. Our Position & Portfolio Reporting experts provide you with an accurate snapshot of your portfolio, highlighting areas for growth or potential concerns. Make the most of your business development time by having this information created for you accurately and professionally.