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Real Estate finance and data can be overwhelming. It requires a high level of attention to detail, a comprehensive understanding of business finance, and extensive hours spent on administrative and repetitive tasks. Outsourcing these tasks offshore saves your office hours wasted sitting in the office and out in the field making more valuable connections and client relationships. Our Finance & Data Migration team at Universal Property Systems can provide you with valuable support by managing, on your behalf, many of your various administration, bookkeeping, and other financial tasks.

Why you should offshore finance and data with us

Here at Universal Property Systems, we make offshoring easy. You never have to worry about finding the right people for your team, training them, and monitoring them daily. With our team members on your finance and data team, you can focus your energy and full attention on growing and developing your business rather than chasing payments.

Our global team provides valuable reports on a timely basis so you can make informed decisions. When you offshore with us, you'll get access to the best financial minds dedicated to this field at a much lower cost without compromising quality. We give you access to advanced technology that is utilised with expertise. To protect your finance and account data, we put up stringent security and privacy measures.

With UPS, you can save time and better invest it to your main and core business activities; have access to expert handling and qualified professionals; get the best technological advances and software; reduce your operating costs; and be assured that your financial data is even safer than it was before.

Here's how we can help you

Phase One Positions

Sales Trust Administrator

Get a clean property transaction every time with no hold ups.

Increase the speed and efficiency of your sales trust process. Our administrators get all the paperwork in order and deal with the vendor solicitors on your teams behalf, saving time on phone calls and follow up.

Property Management Trust Administrator

Keep on top of property management accounts so everyone knows where they stand

From balancing accounts to calculating the monthly rental statements of owners. Our administrators follow up with tenants in arrears and maintain a clear and transparent account record for all parties.

Business Finance Administrator

You can be confident every last dollar has been accounted for

Outsource your day-to-day accounting and administration. Our qualified accountants will take care of your bookkeeping along with tracking sales and generating reports and alaysis to support your business.

Data Migration Administrator

Never worry about accurate migration of data from one software to another

These offshore professionals handle accurate migration of data from one software to another. They also build bespoke systems to accommodate the transition. Monitoring the transfer would never be a problem with them on your team.

Phase Two Positions

Reports and Metrics Administrator

Get reliable data to make effective business decisions

Get in-depth analysis on your current property portfolio. A Results Reporting report can be completed to help you make strategic growth plans or identify any risks on the horizon.

Are you ready now to discuss your real estate offshoring needs?

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Free Consultation

We are available to discuss your individual needs and what best suits your business. Once you’ve decided to hire an offshore staff member for your business, Universal Property Systems will be there for you every step of the way!