30-Day Training Program

How it works

Our global team members are provided with a 30-day training program with a highly experienced global management team before they come on board. During the training program, they must pass our Core Competency tests, which are directly related to position requirements including software use, system and process knowledge and awareness of relevant legislation. Our training program aims to provide our clients with exceptional experience and service to enhance their brand reputation. Below is a summary of our 30-day training program.

What training do they receive?

Workflow Familiarisation

Our industry experience team, headed by team leaders, train new members in the workflows specific for their position. Training includes video guides and hands-on step-by-step learning course.

Software Introduction

UPS has standard software ready for use in property management, real estate sales and finance. We make sure that members are fluent in their use prior to onboarding. If you have specific software you want used, let us know and we'll arrange everything for you.

Real Estate Must Knows

Our service is highly specific to the real estate industry. With the years of experience our executives have accumulated, we make sure to pass on the knowledge to our team.


It's easier to learn by example. This is why our new team members spends days to weeks shadowing experienced staff to grasp what a day of work would most likely look like.

Core Competency Test

By the end of the month, we test their core competencies to make sure that they are ready for onboarding. We allow them to perform tasks on their own with minimal supervision from team leaders. They are free to ask for assistance when they encounter difficulties.

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