Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Offshoring Property Management

Property management is a demanding field that requires dedication, timeliness, professionalism, and extreme attention to detail. Offshoring your property management includes delegating tasks to someone overseas such as the Philippines. With so many duties and not enough hours in the day to accomplish them, a very effective solution is to offshore property management services.

Why partner with us for your property management

Offshoring property management services has many benefits and advantages for your real estate company. Offshoring with Universal Property Systems (UPS) can ease the burden of doing tedious daily admin tasks on your local property management teams, and so the eased-up time can be better spent on activities that directly impacts your company’s growth. We enable you to easily update to newer technologies with least productivity interference and minimum interruption. We relieve you from huge overhead costs associated with hiring and retaining employees, and we can provide you well-trained, knowledgeable, experienced, and skillful staff members.

Here's how we can help you

Phase One Positions

Leasing Administrators

Less administration allows stronger client relationships

Spend more quality time with property owners. Leasing Administrators relentlessly follow up prospective tenants, book in all inspections and handle any enquiries along the way.

Tenancy Administrators

Provide better quality service for your clients

Acting as a personal assistant, Tenancy Administrator, maintains and updates the Client's rent review, lease renewal, routine inspection registers; make customer service calls and updates the rent trust software.

Phase Two Positions

Repairs & Maintenance Administrator

Property repairs handled from end to end

Working between tenants and tradespeople, Repairs & Maintenance Administrators are experts in efficiency making sure repair work is scheduled and completed along with handling all the paperwork.

Phase Three Positions

Tenancy Care

Avoid disruptions and remain focused on business priorities

Dealing with ad hoc tenancy queries adds disruption to completing more profitable activities. Tenancy Care staff are on call when you need them to resolve any tenant queries as they arise.

Phase Four Positions

New Business Administration


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Are you ready now to discuss your real estate offshoring needs?

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Other services we offer for the real estate industry

Sales Admin & Marketing Services

Having your best salespeople bogged down by administration is bad for business. Our sales support roles ensure sales staff are in the field for longer with clients rather than working at their desks.

Finance & Data Services

Our staff can provide services that span across the entire real estate industry. Taking your customer service to the next level, these roles act as your global assistants that can scale up or down depending on demand.

Free Consultation

We are available to discuss your individual needs and what best suits your business. Once you’ve decided to hire an offshore staff member for your business, Universal Property Systems will be there for you every step of the way!